Hivr – a BCH-Based Social Media Platform

Hivr is a new social media application powered by Bitcoin Cash. Although it is only available in bet aversion for Android devices, the app is equipped with several functionalities including a wallet, instant messaging, a social news feed, and native tipping.

Lately, there has been an increased number of forums and social media platforms built on the Bitcoin Cash network. Hivr is the latest entrant to this scene. As mentioned above, the Android app allows users to post, tip and chat with fellow users using the inbuilt instant messenger.

During the inauguration of Hivr, the developers of the platform acknowledged the presence of similar apps that promote social interactions on the BCH network. Such include and Blockpress. The glaring shortcoming of these competitors is that they do not support concurrent posting and tipping, and more importantly, they lack the instant messaging functionality. Also, most of them charge fees for posting, whereas Hivr supports free posting.

According to the developers, the app was created to enjoin the various ideas within the BCH community into a single platform that is user-friendly.

How It Works

The Hivr app is available on the Google Play Store. The iOS version is expected to become available after the Android variant moves out of the beta phase. At the time of writing, Hivr had been downloaded 50 times. The app consumes 53 MB of storage space.

The home page of the Hivr app is a login interface which prompts the user to enter their credentials. For new users, there is an option for registering. After logging in, the user is required to choose their favorite topics. Once this is done, a BCH wallet is given to the account. The wallet comes with a 12-word mnemonic phrase to enable the user to back up the Hivr wallet.

Using the Hivr app is a straightforward experience. It may take as little as two minutes to set up a new profile. Similar to other BCH-based social media platforms, there is a low number of active users on Hivr. At the bottom of the page, there is a button that enables users to create and share posts to their news feed. As of now, Hivr allows users to post text, URLs, GIFs, photos and media files.

Hivr Needs More Users

The Hivr instant messaging platform supports both individual and group chats. Below every post is a gift box that enables users to tip their peers in BCH. Like mainstreams social media platforms, Hivr users can like, repost and comment to posts on their news feed.

In comparison to and Blockpress, Hivr has a significantly lower number of users. Nevertheless, this is understandable because the app is still in beta phase and was published recently. Both and Blockpress also struggled to attract participants during their early days. The future of Hivr, however, is promising because it combines the advantages of blockchain technology with the functionalities of traditional social media platforms. Above all, it is offers free services, unlike its competitors.

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