Easy, fast and efficient transactions seem to be the words ruling the crypto sector in the recent days. There is no doubt that the industry is on an expansion stretch, which means many innovators are gaining interest in the marketplace share. However, in all this what matters, in the end, is the value of service delivery they offer to their users to keep them for a long-life. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been able to withstand the current pressure and competition with their consistency service delivery improvements. And it’s for this very reason that emerging cryptocurrencies seek, to level themselves with Bitcoin or even make an attempt to become better. One of such crypto is the Hobonickels.

What Is HoboNickels?

Hobonickels is a digital Cryptocurrency on a blockchain system with similar traits as Bitcoin. According to the information on the Hobonickels official website, the Cryptocurrency offers high-speed and effective services to its users with the use of a Proof-of-Stake block time of two minutes. Also referred to as HBN, the coin makes use of great features to make itself one of the fastest coins available.

HoboNickels Features

The Hobonickels Cryptocurrency will work to provide the following tools of operation to its users for secure transactions:

  • The proof-of-Stake coin security algorithm releases to safeguard all on platform activities
  • Automated block checkpoints to verify transaction details
  • A QT Multi-wallet functionality for better exchange experiences
  • The Hobonickels community that includes HBN on Bitcointalk, HBN Facebook Page, HBN Twitter, HBN Discord Channel, PoS list comparison, HBN Hosted forum and HBN Subreddit.
  • A stake of Charity commitment contract options
  • HBN trading exchange on Cryptopia
  • Advancement features on coin control

How HoboNickels Charity Cryptocurrency Works

Investors in the Hobonickels Cryptocurrency will have to download and install the QT wallet client from the links on the official wallets. Afterward, they gain access to various platform opportunities such as;

  1. Purchasing the Hobonickels through a verified exchange
  2. Invest in the mining of Hobonickels
  3. Send and receive coins within the ecosystem
  4. Store their HBN coins in the wallet to start gaining stakes after a day.

Users can also contribute to the Hobonickels Foundation that would go to hosting websites, explorers, VPSs, new exchange bounties, new charities, etc. There is also the support for Songs of Love Foundation as a way of giving back to sick children.

HoboNickels HBN Token ICO Details

The Hobonickels currently ranks at 1058 in the Cryptopia with the following selling points;

  • $0.011843 per HBN
  • BTC 0.00000143 per HBN
  • The current market cap is at $759.77 with a volume of $196 per day

Consequently, once users hold their HBN in their respective wallets, they start receiving daily stakes after one day at a maximum of 100%  and minimum if 20% yearly. The primary role of the stake is to control the inflation rate and stabilize it at a percentage of decreasing stake and increasing user coin stake.

The wallets also vary in size with different worth levels. Smaller wallets or individual addresses can also be part of large wallets, and it entirely depends on multiple taint analysis to come up with various addresses.

HoboNickels Conclusion

HBN seeks to provide fast and efficient exchange services to Cryptocurrency lovers with similar features as Bitcoin. The platform keeps constant improvements on the Hobonickels wallet clients with short term and long term operational roadmaps in place.

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