Hodler ICO

There is a revolution taking place in the development of payments with cryptocurrencies and the demand for increased security is not keeping up with the pace. The cryptocurrency market is in the need of a product that promotes the positive aspects of wallets and negates the negative aspects of cumbersome multiple account access. Hodler has addressed these concerns and have come up with a product.

About Hodler

HODL is an abbreviation of the popular term “hold on to dear life” and Hodler captures the spirit of the term by making a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

They are a new hardware wallet that supports 350 cryptocurrencies or tokens will be released in the market. Their multi-asset device gives ordinary individuals and businesses access to everyday cryptocurrency transactions in the palm of their hands guarded by the most advanced levels of security.

Features of Hodler

Hodler is the only wallet in the market to combine the highest level of security combined with top level functionality.

  • Secure: It is controlled by Linux OS. The open source coding is open to be tested against any level of threat.
  • Automated cloud backup: Secure point-to-point encryption is available for an every backup. The whole process is automated with no manual interference needed.
  • Multi-Asset: Hodler supports over 350 coins and tokens.
  • Camera: For scanning QR codes which will be stored on the device.
  • Independent: No connection to a computer is required at any time.
  • Supports SIM card and WIFI: You can connect to internet through any of these networks to pay and accept payments worldwide.
  • Built in GPS tracker: If you misplace or lose your device, you can locate Hodler 24/7 using the GPS tracker.
  • User friendly: The body is ergonomically designed, the UI is intuitive. It incorporates a 2.4 or 5.5 inch color screen.

Prices of Products

  • 2.4 inch Hodler wallet: Available for $119, it will be available in 3 colors. It will have unlimited support and lifetime software updates.
  • 5.5 inch Hodler wallet: It is available for $149 and is available in 3 colors. Even this will have lifetime support and software updates.
  • HODLER Operating System Image: It can be installed in most smartphones with basic installation processes. This is available at a price of $39.

Hodler ICO Token (HDL)

They are the only ICO which provides an annual dividend. 50% of the annual profit will be distributed among investors. Offering extremely high ROI with minimum risk, they are perfect for long term passive income.

A total of 1 billion HDL is available in the supply but only 500 million tokens will be made available for the ICO. Each token will be priced at 0.01 USD. An individual must have a minimum purchase of 10,000 tokens worth 100 USD and a maximum purchase of 250,000,000 tokens worth 2.5 million USD. Supported cryptocurrencies are BTC, BCH, LTC and DASH.

Bonuses will be distributed as follows.

  • Pre-sale: 1st March to 31st March. 40% free Tokens
  • ICO Phase 1: 1st April to 15th April. 20% free Tokens
  • ICO Phase 2: 16th April to 30th April. 15% free Tokens
  • ICO Phase 3: 1st May to 31st May. 10% free Tokens
  • ICO Phase 4: 16th May to 31st May. 5% free Tokens
  • ICO Phase 5: 1st June to 30th June. No additional Tokens.

Hodler ICO Conclusion

Hodler has a specialized gadget for ICO wallets. This is a very handy device for people who trade in ICOs very often. For the lesser frequent users, there is a mobile application compatible with most smartphones.

To find out more about Hodler or their token, visit their website https://hodler.tech/

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