Are you looking forward to making your own Initial Coin Offering? ICOs are a trend of the moment and many startups or even established companies are using them to get the initial funds to launch their business, whether they are cryptocurrency-based or not. Holdex, the company that we will review today, might be interesting for you if that is your objective.

Holdex offers a cloud-based on-demand solution to everything that you might need to start an ICO like registration to whitelist investors, KYC/AML procedures and how to generate your own tokens.

What Is Holdex?

Holdex is a company that was created with the mission to make ICOs an easier process for companies who have trouble to afford and to plan them without some external help. The creators of the company believe that challenging the current beliefs, dreaming of greatness and having focus is what makes the core of the company.

The two co-founders of the company are Vadim Zolotokrylin (CEO and CTO) and Giorgia Pellizari (community contributor). Other important team members include Mark Curchin (dev lead), Michael Ozarinschi (product developer), George Ciubotaru (product developer), Masha Zolotokrylina (business development) and Johnny Quattro (advisor).

The company currently has two offices: one in Hong Kong and another one in Moldova.

How Holdex Initial Coin Offering Token Sale Launch Service Works?

The company builds user friendly tools for people who need to support their cryptocurrency campaigns. This includes the whole process of creating the means to make your token sale as well as you can and to provide anti-money laundering policies that can be used to make your ICO compliant with the law of the country.

If you are looking for an ideal place to start your company to avoid high taxes and legislation, the company can also give you support to build your company legally in Hong Kong or another similar place so you will be able to start your business in a better environment. Even your bank account can be set up in Hong Kong to help you deal with money issues.

The regulations package offered by Holdex protects you and your future investors from any type of problem or sanction caused by lack of preparation in this area. Many countries have banned ICOs or, like the United States, have legislation that prevents you from selling tokens to Americans if you are not having a way to select only accredited investors.

The company can even manage the purchase of the best domain to host your site while you are preparing for the sale and work on its whole structure so it will certainly make it good.

Finally, Holdex can also help you with other tasks like managing to have an open API of your product or to create a system of referrals and discounts that will draw people to your project without the actual risk of you losing any money because this idea was not very well thought.

Holdex Verdict

This looks like a trustworthy company that could, indeed, be of help if you want to set up a killer ICO that will succeed. The market still has plenty of opportunities, but ICOs that are not trying very hard are hardly reaching their objectives these days, so it can definitely be a great idea to use the services of Holdex or of any similar company to be successful.

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