Anybody who has been following the current market trends will know that the cryptocurrency industry is at an all time high. Ever since the advent of ‘Blockchain technology’, there has been endless development in terms of synergistic possibilities that can not only improve the quality of trading tools in the market, but also deliver substantial monetary gains within a short span of time.

With the use of crypto, there is a possibility for a boosting of market growth through right communication between businesses and their customers. Blockchain systems allow for a open, convenient, fair communication that allows business owners to better interact with their clients.

What Is HoldMe?

In its core essence, Holdme can be thought of as an ‘intuitive technology service’ that has been created in order to bridge the communication gap between customers and companies. As a result of this reduced divide, there is an increased possibility for any investor to ‘not only speculate in the market, but also to become a shareholder of the company’. As a result of this, investors are able to receive a constant flow of profits that come as a result of the company’s growth.

Other Important Aspects Of HoldMe

Can Be Used By All:

It does not matter whether the person is well of or not, this service makes use of an automated system that ‘accepts and treats each and every customer equally’. The AI is designed in a way to respond to the needs and wants of its customers in a orderly, empathic way.


The chat bot that is integrated into the framework is fast and is able to provide helpful advice after careful consideration of the situation.

Advanced AI:

The algorithms used to advise and partner with customers have been devised after careful market research and deliberation.

Easy To Use:

HoldMe is quite straightforward and easy to use. In addition to this, there is a dedicated customer team that has been put into place to answer any queries we may have in relation to this platform.

HoldMe Ico Details

The Initial Coin Offering will be conducted in two separate phases. The details of both have been provided below.

Phase 1:

This sale period will start on the 15th October, 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, UTC+1) and end on the 15th November, 2017. In this phase there will be 1,500,000 HoldMe tokens that will be made available. The currencies that can be used to make a purchase include ETH, BTC, BCC, DASH, LTC. To give users a better idea of the exchange rate, we can see that 1 ETH = 4050 HME tokens. Lastly, the manufacturer has stated that an unlimited amount of tokens can be purchased by any one person. There is no restriction on the number of transactions as well.

Phase 2:

This period will start on the 15th November, 2017 and end exactly a month later on the 15th December, 2017. During this period, there will be an additional 61,500,000 HoldMe tokens that will be made available for purchase. However, during Phase 2, the exchange rate will differ and 1 ETH = 3000 HME tokens. Lastly, same as the previous phase, the amount of tokens that one person can procure is unlimited. The minimum transaction amount has been set at 0.1 ETH.

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