Binance Exchange Adds Holo Token (HOT)

Holo is a community of passionate humans that seek to build a distributed cloud owned and run by the community—users like you and me. Holo believes in the power of a truly peer-to-peer internet.

The pillar behind Holo is to build, share, and earn. Together they are able to build an internet that is more human-friendly—one in which you are able to control your own data; you can decide who you want to interact with, and how you want to interact with them. Besides, you can get recognition and reward when you help others to do the same by sharing your computer’s processing power and storage.

With Holo, you can be part of building a new digital economy. You can also choose whom you support and connect with online. In addition, you can help create a more human internet for everyone across the globe.

How Does Holo Work?

  • First, you have to buy a preconfigured hosting box or install Holo on an existing device.
  • Holo will run on the background and allocate space computing capacity.
  • Your device will provide storage and processing for other users that need hosting.
  • By hosting distributed applications, you can support a web that empowers individuals and communities
  • In exchange for the service, you earn Holo Fuel, which is a micro cryptocurrency that can be sold to others or used to pay for your own hosting.

Holo: Founded And Built By The Community

With your backing, you can help launch a broad, stable, and secure user-friendly network. By purchasing a cloud device from Holo, you can build an essential piece of the network’s infrastructure beginning spring 2018. Don’t wait—you can be an early adopter of the Holo technology.

Your early support will allow other users a taste of the new equitable internet that enables a global scale switch. You can be a node in this internet ecosystem. Holo will launch Indiegogo crowdsale and an initial community offering.

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