Holo's Holochain & Promether's ASP Form Strategic Security Partnership

Holo And Promether Announce A New Partnership

A well-known cloud computing platform Holo, which was built on a blockchain called Holochain, has just announced a new partnership with Promether. The official announcement came on June 5, and it came after a long negotiation between the parties, spanning several months.

A new development has seen an official announcement released by Holo and Promether, two platforms with an obvious interest in each other. Promether is a lesser known one, while a lot of crypto uses have already heard of Holo and its Holochain, especially after its recent ICO that managed to raise over $23 million.

What Is Promether?

Promether is one of the new platforms, known as an ASP, or Adaptive Symbiotic Platform. It executes anonymization codes, as well as security and networking, and pretty much anything else that various apps need in order to make their data safe. Through the processes of advanced encryption, the merge of decentralized networks, and distribution of ledger tech, it puts complete control into the users' hands.

Of course, Promether's method of operation and full services that this platform is performing are far more complex, and can be properly understood only through studying of their whitepaper. To put it shortly, this is a platform that is trying to make a decentralized network that would be scalable, and would offer various features regarding security to its users.

In a way, Promether works as a link between the users, the network that they are using, as well as various applications. Those apps are usually tightly connected to anonymity, privacy and security features that come from the network itself. According to the platform, the creation of security, privacy, and anonymity layers will change the way of online engagement between the people. It will also solve various issues in regard to control centralization.

There have been a lot of concerns regarding the transparency of the blockchain-related transactions, since they allow those with access the records to trace all of the transactions to specific individuals. Many believe that this will be a serious privacy problem, and that it can even be used as a method of surveillance by the government.

Despite the fact that there are already the so-called ‘privacy coins', their use is not a good enough solution. This is mostly because transaction privacy is not the only issue, and the privacy needs to also cover things like messaging, storages, browsing, sharing, and so on.

Because of this, platforms that offer additional security, anonymity, and privacy – even in the world of blockchains, are very much needed right now, and will definitely be needed in the future. Of course, there are still a lot of problems and various issues to be solved, but Promether is, at the very least, on the right track.

Holo's Interest In Promether

Not a lot of details have yet become publicly known about Holo's partnership with Promether, which is something that will surely change in the coming months. However, what is known is that the partnership between the two includes matters related to development and security.

The partnership is called ‘Strategic Security Partnership', and it would seem that each platform features certain aspects that the other one would like to include in its own method of work. Holo, for example, will be using Promether's access to the testing of the app called Contact, which is dedicated to providing secure communication. On the other hand, Holo, or more specifically – its Holochain, can offer an adaptable platform for different P2P applications, which is something that Promether can use.

What will eventually come out of the partnership still remains to be seen. Right now, there are only a few clues regarding what's to come, that the announcement can offer.

Promether’s Impressive CEO

Promether's CEO and founder, Eric J. Anderson, nicknamed Eijah, is already a veteran of the world involving network security and system decentralization. He was also the lead programmer for popular games GTA V and Guitar Hero. His achievements do not stop there, however, and he has also served as a professor at a college, a speaker at DEF CON, American Express' security portfolio architect, as well as a CTO of MGT.

However, this is still not all there is to know about this individual, for he also appears to be a hacker involved in the Bluray hack. Not only that, but he also held various hacker workshops at DEF CON and other hacking conventions. With a leader like that, it would only be natural that his team is also comprised of exceptional individuals with vast knowledge of cybersecurity, hacking, network administration, and programming.

With that in mind, it is clear why Holo would want to partner with Promether, since its team definitely knows a thing or two about what they are doing. Additionally, Holo has also convinced Eijah to become the project's strategic advisor, especially when it comes to concerns regarding the security. There is pretty much nothing else that is currently known about the project. Still, as mentioned earlier, this will probably change in time. One thing is certain, and that is that this partnership will definitely lead to something big.

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