There are plenty of ways to get more profits through cryptocurrency nowadays. Most people wait for a lucrative ICO to come along for them to get in early when their investment translates to more money. However, there are so many opportunities and different types of platforms that it is hard to make a decision. HomeMine plans to make an interesting connection between electrical appliances and earning tokens.

What Is HomeMine?

HomeMine is considered a “passive” mining project, since it mines from the electricity used by household appliances through a multi-plug outlet. Mining only takes a few moments every day and requires almost no skill from a technological standpoint. Rather than just promoting profits, the project also reduces the user’s household energy costs.

The only thing that the user has to do to earn tokens is to use the device, which is completely protected against cooling issues, fire hazards, and short circuiting.

Read on below to learn about the tokens.

HomeMine HMT Token & ICO Details

When the production of HomeMine begins, the platform will trade with the HMT token. There is an exchange on the website that basically indicates that a single token will be worth $42. Any device included much be connected to the mining pool that the coin is mined from. Upon earning coins, the user has the option of withdrawing the profits to their wallet or card.

The token sales are split up into a few stages – the pre-sale (May 21st to May 27th, 2018) and the token sale (May 28th to June 21st, 2018). After that point, any remaining tokens should be available for public sale and trading.

Savings From HomeMine

Since the main appeal of HomeMine is the fact that consumers can save on their bills, most people want to know exactly what kind of savings to expect. To get an informed estimate of the way that HomeMine works, the potential investor can input their information in the profitability calculator with details about their electricity bill and the tariff.

The company predicts an average savings in China to reach 279%, though India has the highest predicted savings at 337%. However, even German citizens should see a drop of 14.5%.

HomeMine Roadmap

The whole goal for HomeMine is to continue to produce results for users, which involves multiple steps in the coming years. Here are what consumers can expect:

  • July 2018: Creation of software that will help predict profitability, and creation of a system that monitors the power used by the HomeMine device
  • August 2018: Improving the power supply and the safety of the device, and optimizing the stability of the chip
  • September 2018: Integration of Cloud services for payment, whether it is automatic or manual
  • November 2018: Improving on the industrial look of the device, and getting ready for mass production
  • December 2018: Creation of the mobile apps for both Android and iOS

The website also features goals that the company has through June 2020.

Contacting HomeMine

Even though the website and whitepaper for HomeMine answer a lot of questions about the product, some consumers will have other questions that they need to have answered. The customer service team can be reached by emailing [email protected]

HomeMine Conclusion

HomeMine is helpful for consumers that want to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency, but want to integrate other needs as well. By sourcing the tokens from the consumption of energy, the user can both save and earn big.

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