Honeyminer, a cryptocurrency-mining software provider that makes mining as simple as allowing one to do so through a computer, has recently shared with CoinDesk that its userbase has increased to over 50,000 users in nearly two months’ time (i.e. since June launch).

As for what was shared during the interview, it has been provided by the Honeyminer team that of all its users, nearly a third come from Africa, followed by India, Indonesia and the Philippines. It appears that most of Honeyminer’s users are novice investors looking for ways to earn their first fractions of bitcoin.

An example of a Honeyminer user within its telegram channel was specified, in which the user openly disclosed that the interest in cryptocurrencies was always there but understanding its specs as well as how to start has always been a hindrance. That user who goes by Steven added,

“I am trying to raise money to buy a more powerful gaming desktop in the future where I can earn an average of $3 to $4 per day. So far I am one happy miner.”

As per Honeyminer, the type of computer determines one’s earning. For instance, computers designed specifically for gaming as well as newer versions are more likely to earn more Satoshis compared to older ones. Moreover, recent computers can help miners earn anywhere between $1 and $3 per day per GPU.

The popularity was supposedly not expected, as per the Co-Founder, Noah Jessop, who said, “we’ve stumbled into something that was far bigger and more international than we imagined.”

Co-Founder, Larry Kom told CoinDesk that the number of users on boarding their platform strongly shows that mining is possible regardless of the various GPUs that are involved. As for how Honeyminer works, it appears that the platform takes cryptocurrencies that support GPUs, i.e. Zcash, and then converts it to BTC, which, lastly ends up in one’s respective wallet.

What stunned Kom the most is the number of people “who are trying to get a rig set up”, with varying types such as “homemade rigs or even industrial-type rigs.”

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