Soon it will be possible to use blockchain technology during elections. An Australian company, Horizon State, is set to launch an app that will allow for decentralized decision making. The project will carry out a pilot in the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

The rollout is expected to commence in July and run through December. For starters, this innovative platform will be availed to locals through a mobile app.

The Rationale of the Project

According to Nimo Naamani, the project’s co-founder, the main aim of the project is to provide decentralized decision making through community engagement. Through the power of blockchain, communities will be equipped with the necessary tools to encourage and accelerate progress. The technology holds a lot of benefits and this pilot will help reach out to the community.

With time, the platform will extend to areas such elections. The Australian startup is hopeful that through this app will help fight voting fraud that’s quite rampant during elections. There are a lot of inefficiencies and challenges in regards to elections especially the voter register. Such an app is expected to bring transparency through blockchain. technology.

Future Plans

The success of the pilot project will allow Horizon State to expand to more provinces in the country throughout 2019. At the moment, the Indonesian government isn’t on board. However, the startup hopes to reach to the authorities depending on how the pilot fairs.

According to the co-founder, Naamani, the project has generated a lot of interest from organizations who want to use blockchain to help communities progress.

To carry out the pilot, Horizon State has partnered will MCV-CAP which is a cryptocurrency startup. Another financial partner is expected to come in and will be announced in the coming weeks. Penetrating the community on a micro level will break barriers that exist with the present infrastructure.


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