horus bank

Horus Bank is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) that promises hourly and daily returns with rates from 6% to as high as 70%. Horus Bank claims to be able to accomplish this by trading Forex, gold, and on the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the company offers referral bonuses to individuals who recruit new investors.

About Horus Bank

Unsurprisingly, there’s no information on the site that explains who owns Horus Bank. The contact info listed for the company provides not one but two different addresses in the UK, however; neither of which, as expected, seems to be a legitimate address.

Registration information reveals that the site was registered in July of 2017 through a private domain registration service. Alexa site rankings indicate the most traffic for Horus Bank comes from both Bangladesh and Russia, making it a good bet that the site is hosted in one of these two countries.

Besides that, whoever owns and operates Horus Bank is anyone’s guess. As we always say, it’s almost never a good idea to get involved with any financial company that won’t tell you who they are or isn’t honest with where they’re located.

The Product

Horus Bank offers three different investment packages.

  • 3.05% – provides hourly ROI of 6% over 35 hours. Min deposit $10 USD, max $10,000 USD
  • 11.00% – provides hourly ROI of 20% over 10 hours. Min deposit $3000 USD, max $4999 USD
  • 70% – provides daily ROI of 70% over 3 days. Min deposit $10 USD, max $5000 USD

Deposits can be made with Bitcoin or through payment processors like Payeer or Perfect Money.

The Opportunity

An additional opportunity exists for Horus Bank customers who want to earn money in addition to their HYIP investments. Horus Bank offers a referral program where sponsors can earn 2% commissions on deposits made by their direct recruits, though there’s little additional information on the program’s particulars.

Horus Bank Conclusion

So this sounds like an amazing opportunity, right? 70% daily ROI over three days, you could make a fortune in 72 hours. It’s almost too good to be true!

Let’s face it – it is much, much too good to be true.

Where’s Horus Bank getting the money it gives you for investing with them? Through playing the Forex, gold, and cryptocurrency market exchanges? How is that even possible if there’s no verifiable proof shown by the company of its trading practices?

No, the much more likely truth is that Horus Bank just takes your money and then gives it to someone else who invested their own cash before you. Then, when someone new invests money into the system, you guessed it – that money goes into your account as your ROI.

It’s a classic Ponzi fraud, just dressed up online on a flashy website.

Once the amount of money Horus Bank owes its existing investors is more than it’s getting from new ones signing up with the HYIP, the whole thing will come crashing down. Unlike the original Horus, this one won’t come rising from its grave after that.

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