More often the mention of blockchain technology throws a lot of people to associate it with Bitcoin instantly. However, blockchain is, in essence, a digital ledger that can be publicly managed without alteration. Their creation is similar to an immutable chain of records that a community of people can handle.

Horyou is a venture that seeks to improvise this concept to create a similar ecosystem where users can interact, socialize and build positive impact along the way. Here's how their approach will seek a humanistic approach to promote social good through blockchain technology.

What Is Horyou?

Horyou is a blockchain-based social network project that wants to build an intuitive platform such as Facebook but one that can allow users to make donations that will snowball into funding major social project for the recipient.

The platform's concept is born from the need to connect users for good, and this will comprise of members, organizations and personalities who want to build meaningful interaction. In essence, Horyou will facilitate the transformation of the member's idea into concrete products or actions.

How Horyou Blockchain Social Network For Good Purposes Works

Horyou plans to promote economic inclusiveness by bringing people of good will together and allowing them to fund projects that are in line with achieving the UN Sustainable Goals. However, with our existing social network it would be hard to put a value on social interaction. That is where blockchain comes in as a means of monetizing the social network interactions.

The Horyou community members will, therefore, need to access the network by using the native currency that is Spotlight. The token will circulate among the Horyou community with the capability to transfer from one member to another. Beside from the buying and shifting of Spotlight, the Horyou platform also operates a proprietary algorithm that rewards the token to a member based on multiple factors such as social engagement and activity within Horyou.

Blockchain technology has indeed captured the attention of the non-profit community, and Horyou works with a similar concept in mind. Here's how the technique could be applied to the proper social cause through Horyou.

  • Horyou could help the world forge ahead by financing environmental projects in a much transparent manner. That could help tackle the effects of climate change.
  • With the monetized social network, the HoryouToken could help drive more decentralized governance which is competent and offer much more development efforts
  • As one of the sustainable development goals, hunger and food could be a goal for Horyou could assist in boosting efficiency and prevent fraud during food distributions

Horyou Token ICO Details

The Horyou Token is only available for purchase exclusively through a private ICO set to start from 21st June 2018 till 28th July 2018. More of the sale information and the token is available through the private sale.

Horyou Conclusion

Although a relatively new technology, blockchain is, by all means, a capable innovation that could surpass global expectations. HoryouToken is an example of such a scenario where the change could happen on a developmental scale.

The level of transparency with HoryouToken could help address the perennial problem of social mistrust we have with the social networks. However, projects such as HoryouToken still face the challenge of capitalism and removing it would take a significant shift in how we value technological radicalism.

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