Have you been wondering if it is possible to have a platform where people are free to contribute to the world’s overall improvement and development?

If so, then Horyzon, a fully decentralized platform, is committed to making that dream a reality.

Horyzon is set to become the first fully decentralized crowd mapping tool to create global market for data gathering. Although crowd mapping is not a new concept, Horyzon has decided to take things to another level by making it fully decentralized.

Horyzon believes the new platform they have created will create scientific breakthroughs, especially for scientific research companies that rely heavily on geographical data but do not have the financial power to travel all over the world to gather the data that they are looking for. Horyzon will make things easy for them by giving them reliable data. By buying ZON, these companies can set up a contract where they can ask people to contribute to the project.

How Horyzon Works

The concept that the Horyzon platform uses is very simple.

First, users are required to sign up in order to gain access to the platform. Once they have signed up, they will be required to log into the platform via their computer, tablet, or smartphone. As an analyst, you will be able to search a task that is specific to your area, take the task, and complete the objective. The reviewer will then review the work done by the analyst. After careful scrutiny of the work, if the reviewer is satisfied with the work done by the analyst, they will verify the results and both the reviewer and the analyst will receive their specific ZON ICO token, while the owner will receive the verified results.

Features Of Horyzon


This platform was designed to give all individuals personalized services. That is why every person using the app has their own credentials. The personalized services that Horyzon offers are because it is dedicated to ensuring that all members have an amazing user experience.

Field Experts

Members will get the opportunity to state which field they have specialized in so those seeking their services will be able to know which ones are best qualified for the task that they want done. Horyzon has done this just to ensure that they have experienced and qualified analysts who are ready for the task at hand.


All members will get the opportunity to view their own user statistics of the last few months, a factor that will enable them make informed decision on what they want to get in future.

Ability To Verify Results

All results delivered in Horyzon can be verified. Results will be verified by reviewers, but owner can also ask for pictures if they need any clarifications.

Chat Functionality

Horyzon created a chat where owners can communicate directly both with analysts and reviewers. This move is aimed to ensure that both reviewers and analysts get a quality user experience when using this platform.

People Search

The people search portal that Horyzon has integrated is made to enhance user experience. You will not have to spend hours trying to look for people who are qualified to undertake your tasks. Instead, the search portal has made it easy for you to search for people that you think are qualified to undertake the task at hand.


Horyzon is a fully decentralized platform. This means that users will not be subjected to a third party as is usually the case with other platforms. All members will deal directly with each other, a factor that will foster transparency and efficiency.


Horyzon cares about the welfare of all its members. That is why it has put in place tamper proof security features to ensure that all data generated is well secured. No one will be able to access your personal account. Only you will have all the rights over your account and all of the information in the account. Your privacy is guaranteed and your identity will remain anonymous.

Horyzon Final Words

Scientists and field researchers will have new opportunities that they haven’t had before when using Horyzon to source excellent analysts to help them complete the tasks needed to make their research a success.

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