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Evident Proof (Operating on Ethereum Network) Gets Perfect Score on Smart Contract Audit

New platform created for Ethereum’s own blockchain passes smart contract audit with flying colors. Evident Proof, as the platform is called, is a newly developed Immutable Proof of Service application that operates on Ethereum. Businesses, startups, organizations and everyday people can all benefit from using Evident Proof’s immutable trust contracts. At this point, the platform is in debugging mode, with users of it being the main searchers of any errors. The company is giving out rewards to anyone who finds bugs within the system.

Evident Proofs main purpose is to operate as a validation service, to ensure smart contracts are authentic for individuals and businesses. The company recently passed an expertly run audit with a score of 100%. The test was absolute, needed and guarantees the effectiveness of the new system.

It works by creating unique digital signatures for each of the users on the platform. They are then stored inside of an immutable ledger for safe keeping. Once they are needed to sign a smart contract, the company releases it for a short period of time before safely securing it once again. Signatures are like the wax seals once used by the kings of Europe to verify the authenticity of documents. Since the company passed the audit with a 100% rating, experts claim its fully capable of operating as designed.

In response to the test, ran by audit experts at Hoshso, CEO of Evident Proof responded with excitement. The audit by Hosho gave the system new validity, making it an excellent choice for individual users and businesses alike. People can now safely use the platform in good faith their smart contracts will operate with transparency and authenticity. Hosho is one of the most respected companies in the industry, known for transparency as a smart contract audit specialist. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, with the test being the pudding and the score being the proof.

Entities engaging in smart contract usage can now rest easy when performing new smart contracts, complete with certificates of validation enforced by Evident Proof. Evident Proof’s team is comprised of tech specialists from companies like Microsoft and other massively huge platforms international organizations. Hosho on the other hand, has security, cyber and blockchain experts who are the top respected engineers in their field. It’s only a matter of time before, Evident Proof starts helping more businesses than they already have, especially with the backing of Hosho.

What platforms do you use for added smart contract security? List your answers in the comment section below.

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