HostCoin, found online at, aims to be the world’s first website hosting service built on the blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is HostCoin?

HostCoin is a blockchain-based platform for web hosting. The platform aims to be “at the frontier in the hosting sector” by implementing blockchain technology.

The pre-ICO for HostCoin got underway in early October, with an additional pre-ICO and ICO scheduled to take place before the end of the year.

Essentially, HostCoin aims to build a web hosting platform on the blockchain. All files – the files typically stored by a web host – will be stored on that blockchain. HostCoin will develop a blockchain hosting system and API throughout 2018, with the worldwide launch of the blockchain and API scheduled before the end of 2018.

How Does HostCoin Work?

HostCoin aims to provide hosting over the blockchain. Using the blockchain, HostCoin believes it can deliver a superior service at a more competitive price. Blockchain technology can lead to faster server times, for example, a reinvented domain registration process, and more secure SSL.

The goal is to compete with larger hosting and domain service providers in the industry. Today, these companies are ripe for disruption. In fact, the HostCoin whitepaper claims that, “A good comparison is when the DVD replaced VHS tapes or when CDs replaced cassette tapes.”

Does HostCoin really plan to host a webpage on the blockchain? Yes, they do. The platform will host HTML and static assets like CSS, JS, and images on the blockchain. Each artifact could go in its own transaction.

The main problem HostCoin needs to solve is how browsers can access that data. Users could create a new URL scheme that uses transaction ID, then create a browser that understands the URL and can access the browser. Another option is to build a proxy web browser.

Ultimately, if someone can make a browser that’s capable of accessing a blockchain to create webpages, it would lead to an immutable and distributed system that could never be hacked, modified, or taken down. That’s where HostCoin sees an opportunity.

Benefits Of HostCoin

HostCoin outlines the following benefits:

  • More secure SSL
  • Faster server times
  • Reinvents the domain
  • Instant domain transfer to another hosting server on the blockchain
  • Peer to peer network
  • Control over your data (it’s not held in centralized servers or controlled by centralized administrators)
  • Centralized web protocols have a single point of failure, which is why they’re not very secure; blockchain hosting will have a higher level of security due to its distributed, decentralized nature

The HostCoin ICO

HostCoin has scheduled an ICO to bring its platform to life. A coin holder needs to make a payment of 10,000 HostCoins to secure a reseller account. Reseller accounts will be sold when HostCoin goes live on or before February 19, 2019. There’s no minimum number of HostCoins one is required to hold.

Funds raised from the crowdsale will be used to develop the new technology. The funds will be spent building HostCoin headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, a tech lab in Mumbai (where their lead developer is located), and to hire staff across all departments. At that point, they’ll begin the first stage of development for the HostCoin API and blockchain web hosting.

There’s a total maximum supply of 100,000,000 HostCoin tokens. 55,000,000 tokens will be sold through the ICO. 7% of HostCoin tokens are dedicated to bounties.

The price of 1 HostCoin is set at $1 USD during the ICO.

A pre-sale will take place, during which 500,000 HostCoins will be sold at a 50% discount. There will also be a pre-ICO, during which there will be a 25% bonus for the first 20% of HostCoins sold.

11,111,112 HostCoins are available for mining.

The pre-sale, pre-ICO, and general ICO are all scheduled for Q3 and Q4 2017. As of October 24, the pre-sale is currently underway.

Who’s Behind HostCoin?

HostCoin was founded by John Furrh. Other key members of the team include Maxim Martynenko (Major Assistant) and Taha Dhailey (Lead Developer).

The company formed in 2017. By Q3 2018, they aim to complete their web hosting blockchain and API. They also hope to expand their management team and begin customer support training, and setup advertising agreements with international ad agencies, before the end of 2018.

HostCoin Conclusion

HostCoin is a blockchain platform that aims to provide web hosting and domain registration in a decentralized environment. It’s a unique and ambitious project that essentially aims to build a distributed web host. By doing so, HostCoin will undercut existing web hosts by offering better service at a cheaper price.

Some of the advantages of building a web host on the blockchain include better security, more secure SSL, and cheaper costs.

To learn more about HostCoin and their ongoing ICO, visit the platform online today at

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