Get rich quick schemes are on the rise, claiming that they can grow your money overnight. They are prowling ready for people who are looking to make an easy kill. As an investor, be warned that there is no such thing as quick money.

With investors acknowledging the strength of digital currencies since their emergence, the financial world has seen a surge in scams.

As an investor you need to tread carefully since investing your money in a Ponzi scheme will see you lose your hard-earned money. Hour Grows is one such company. But before we draw that conclusion, let’s highlight the red flags that stand out in this high-yield investment program.

What Is Hour Grows?

With Google being the “be all end all” for online searches it’s pretty disturbing that a google search of Hour Grows Ltd yields nothing. The address provided on the site is not verifiable and the only way to contact the company is through the web contact form available on the site.

For a company boasting of “currency trading on Forex market” through “automated trading”, you’d expect the faces behind the success to be plastered across the site. As for Hour Grows Ltd, the team behind it is anonymous and a search of the owners of the company yields nothing.

In short, they don’t exist. And worse still, the company might not be incorporated as alleged on the website.

Have Hour Grows Provided A Whitepaper?

So you have come across this pleasant looking website that a friend referred you to, and it has a banner with attractive ROI and referral commissions. From where you stand it looks legit. Can you trust it? Should you invest your money?

Not so fast!

The first thing you should look out for when seeking to invest in a company is the whitepaper. If the so-called “lucrative site” has no whitepaper then treat the company with the contempt it deserves.

Hour Grows Ltd has no whitepaper. The site promises get rich quick schemes with no proper business model in place. How does it generate income? What products or services do they offer retail customers? Other than the figures and percentage on the site, there’s no way of knowing how the company makes its money to pay attractive commissions and satisfy the investors. There are no calculations, no simulations, no graphs or charts, nothing! But they ask you to deposit your money with them so they can grow it overnight.

That speaks volumes about it. Ponzi scam!

Hour Grows Profit Bitcoin Every Hour Compensation Plan

The site’s referral commissions are too good to be true. It offers 5 referral levels with up to 10% referral commissions. As an affiliate, you are expected to invest a minimum of $1 and your commissions are dependent on the amount you choose to invest. The more you invest, the higher your commissions. Typical of Ponzi schemes you are given a referral link on registration so they can grow their web of deceit.

If you have an unsettling feeling about a site that claims to grow your investment it’s likely that something is definitely not right. If you are seeking to invest in a sustainable and legit company to build your financial capital, take your business elsewhere. Hours Grow Ltd is a no-no!

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