Right now, almost anyone who spends a few minutes on the internet knows about cryptocurrency. Cryptos are becoming popular even offline, and with their popularity, there have been an up rise of numerous investment programs that require cryptocurrencies.

One of them is HourHash: a company claims to combine highly profitable lines of business, such as cryptostocks, while also offering high trust levels from the management to the investors.

About HourHash

Just like similar HYIPs, this is no different. It claims to incorporate high tech cryptocurrency mining and trading techniques to ensure investors do not lose money they have invested with them. Their team of technical experts, market analysts and traders provide the ideal market for a stable income. How they trade to ensure they pay out investors on an hourly basis is still a wonder to us.

The website appears to be based in the United Sates. However, there are other countries involved and you should be careful before investing your hard-earned money into it. According to the website, the company’s address is; 40 Basinghall Street, 40 Basinghall Street, London, England, England, EC2V 5DE. Company No. 09837619.

The owner of the website seems to be using an IP masking software to hide his identity. Being a new website is fairly new, but we cannot say it is un-trustworthy based on that only. We advise you to carry out your research before making any investment.

HourHash pays high profits with each hour to your account once you sign up and deposit money. One can withdraw the money anytime they wish to. Withdrawals are processed instantly upon request without any transaction charges. One can make as many withdrawal requests as they want as there are no limits.

The website is well laid out with an interface that one can easily navigate through. There is also 24/7 customer support through a ticket system and email where questions are answered professionally.

Who are the Owners of the Site?

A thorough analysis of the website could bot bring us anywhere close to a human contact. The people behind hour hash have chosen to completely hide their identities. That brings us to the question, why would anyone operating a legit business hide their identity?

One thing we have noticed with HYIPS is that they never disclose their real identity. The site owners know what they are doing is not legal, and they do not want to get arrested for that when they decided to close shop and run away with investors money. Which happens all the time!

Features and Plans

The site offers 3 investment pans

1st PLAN

  • 5% / hourly
  • 40 hours
  • Minimum deposit: $8
  • Maximum deposit: $5000

2nd PLAN

  • 10% hourly
  • 24 hours
  • Minimum deposit: $400
  • Maximum deposit: $1000

3rd PLAN

  • 20% hourly
  • 12/hours
  • Minimum deposit: $800
  • Maximum deposit: Limited
  • All payments are paid instantly
  • Referral commission

They offer 5 level referral commissions.

  • Level A: 3.00%
  • Level B: 4.00%
  • Level C: 5.00%
  • Level D: 7.50%
  • Level E: 10.00%

Other levels referral bonuses: Level 2: 1.00% Level 3: 0.50%

Our Final Thoughts on HourHash

We think that hour hash is just like the classical scams and therefore, we do not advise anyone to invest into it. Though it is paying, we do not know when it will go away with your hard-earned cash.

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