If it’s too good to be true, think twice. Especially in cryptocurrency investment where there has been a surge in scams as bitcoins become popular in the financial world.

Bitcoins have become the most sought-after investment. Even investors who were skeptical that digital currency could have real value are putting more money into bitcoins and cryptocurrency. They believe Bitcoins are a viable future investment.

However, as more and more people are looking to earn bitcoins online, there are scammers and hackers keen to swindle investors of their hard-earned money.

As an investor, it calls for extreme caution before you invest your money in companies that claim to be High-Yield Investment programs. One such company is Hourlyer LTD, a company that claims to offer lucrative cryptocurrency investments.

Cryptocurrency investors should be cautious about this HYIP site, and here’s why.

What Is Hourlyer?

A first-time visit to the site gives the impression that the company is a High-Yield Investment Program that seeks to develop and influence the bitcoin industry and grow your investment.

Is their address verifiable? No. Can they be trusted? Absolutely not!

For a company claiming to grow your investments as soon as you deposit your bitcoins with them, it's fishy that they have no faces of the professional team behind their success. There are only two people who can be directly associated with this company- the directors.

The company is a private limited company that was incorporated on 14th March 2017. As much as the company status is active, it is mind-boggling that the nature of the business (SIC) is indicated as “other service activities not elsewhere classified”. For such a “lucrative” investment company, wouldn’t you expect it to clearly explain the nature of the business?

Which brings us to the next point.

Does Hourlyer Have A Whitepaper?

It does not matter how lucrative they claim this site to be. It's all smoke if they can't back their figures with graphs, simulations or calculations. What is the business model? How do they intend to grow the money you invest in the company? What is the ROI? And how do they arrive at it?

Their lack of a whitepaper screams Ponzi Scam! Splashing unsubstantiated figures and percentages on the site does not cut it. It’s simply not enough to use buzzwords and entice people with “4 level referral programs”.

Hourlyer Investing In HYIP Plans Conclusion

Ponzi scams are known for offering referral links to their investors on registration to expand their web of deceit. Hourlyer LTD is quick to entice you with out-of-this-world referral commissions yet as an investor you don’t know the business model they will use to grow your investment.

Typical of Ponzi schemes, the company flashes numbers on its website without really explaining to the investor how his investment will grow. You'd think this would make it easier for the investor to make a referral.

Hourlyer LTD is not legit. Depositing your bitcoins with them will see you lose your hard-earned money. Be warned!

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