Trading fiat currencies has many regulations and fees, but when working with decentralized cryptocurrencies those same regulations are somewhat less impactful. Add in the constant fluctuation of cryptocurrencies and you can earn a good penny trading those coins. However, in order to be on top of your game you will have to do a ton of research and work to keep up with the market. The solution is HOURPAY, a company that will allow you to invest into their exchange market and give you a return on the amount that you have invested.

About Hourpay

  • Launched in 2016
  • Company Number is 10492625
  • Minimum Deposit: 20 USD
  • Minimum Withdrawl: 0.1 USD or 0.002 BTC
  • Affiliate Commission is up to 3%-10%
  • Payment Method: BitCoin, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bankwire, LiteCoin
  • Official Website: hourpay.net

Hourpay Investment Plans

HOURPAY offers three different types of investment plans.

The first plan is a 1.1-1.15% hourly return for 96 hours. This plan requires for you to deposit a minimum of $20 and up to $10,000 USD.

The second plan is a 2.2-2.5% hourly return for 50 hours. This plan has a minimum deposit of $500 and a maximum deposit of up to $50,000 USD.

The third plan offers 6-10% return per hour for 24 hours with a minimum deposit of $5,000 and a maximum deposit of $500,000 USD.

Hourpay Benefits

HOURPAY is definitely slightly different than your traditional cryptocurrency investment company. Here are some of the benefits they have to offer.

  • Short Turn Around Time
  • Many Payment Systems Accepted
  • Accepts EUR, USD, and BTC
  • Three Different Investment Plans
  • 24/7 Email and Support Table Availability

How To Reach Out

HOURPAY can be reached via a few different methods:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Online Form: hourpay.net/?a=support
  • Phone: VIP Only
  • Address: 17-21 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom, N1 7SL

Hourpay Conclusion

Because HOURPAY offers a relatively quick turnaround time for your investment, we see no reason not to start with a small sum and see how much profit they can earn for you. It seems like they are a legitimate company with a legitimate investment strategy and address.

Furthermore, they have been around for a bit longer than some of the other companies out there and experience with trading cryptocurrencies is absolutely vital. Just keep in mind that many fraud companies do provide returns on smaller investments in order to lure users into spending more.

Note: We want you to know we are a safe haven for all bitcoin & cryptocurrency multipliers, tumblers, mixers, mining pools and HYIPs – if any bitcoin scam has happened regarding this program, please let us know in the comments as our internal investigation is still ongoing.


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