How The Story Of The Bitcoin Symbol Came To Be & Cold Storage Coins Options

In the far future (or maybe not so far) discussions about the Bitcoin icon will be on the daily topics of art historians. The bitcoin symbol (the B letter that we all know) will represent the symbol of the cryptocurrency world as a whole – something similar to what the US Dollar is today to the global economy.

As mentioned before, all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and hobbyist are familiar with the Bitcoin icon. Two vertical lines on the bottom and the top to make it look like money and circuits around it, have built an identity behind the most important virtual currency.

But there is an important thing to mention, the story of the famous icon has been related to the changes that the cryptocurrency industry experienced as a whole. The first logos, those designed by Satoshi and other early Bitcoin developers, have never represented the physical design of the currency.

But this situation changed once the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) – in collaboration with Mick (aka MJB) – created the Bitcoin icon. For example, this icon can be seen nowadays on an important roundabout in Slovenia, after being designed by a local artist and proposed by the citizens on Facebook.

The crypto artist Mick, decided to approach AOCS with an interesting proposal to create the first physical and ‘real’ bitcoin. At this time, the AOCS did not hear about virtual currencies and was not involved in creating ‘virtual currencies.’ But the situation changed completely – and very fast.

AOCS has been investing in expediting the use of other kinds of money, including commodity-based assets. At the same time, it was assisting currency issuers creating their brand identity, and pushing for a merchant economy where ‘open currencies’ could be used.

Finally, the AOCS decided to work with mick. The original design was related to the paid homage of years of technology and computer science. Indeed, the background of the currency looked like a circuit board with some inscriptions on it. At the same time, it informed that the AOCS approved it.

What Is Cold Storage Coins?

Cold Storage Coins (CSC) is the crypto arm of the American Open Currency Standard. Due to the launching of the 2018 Bitcoin Cold Storage Coin, CSC decided to contact Mick to create updates on the original Bitcoin coin created years ago.

The CSC works in order to bring reality to a world that is mostly virtual and on the web, with less contact with the physical world. The interesting thing is that the CSC creates cold storage wallet that have a unique wallet ID and a tamper-proof laser-etched private key.

The coins that are created by the CSC are built from investment grade silver, copper and gold. This guarantees superior quality and aesthetic appeal, which is quite important for users nowadays.

At the moment there are several cold storage wallets in the market, but not all of them offer to their users the possibility to enjoy a AOCS-built coin with specialized artist on the crypto field. In the future we may see different attempts to improve this coin and how to better understand the demand of the market.

At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin is the most important virtual currency in the market. It is being traded around $6700 and it has a market capitalization of almost $115 billion dollars.

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