You Can Buy And Sell Zcash (ZEC) On Coinbase Now

Many crypto investors and fans complain that their transactions are not so anonymous as they would like. Fortunately, they can always have options like using Monero (XMR) or Zcash (ZEC). If you are a Zcash fan, you are bound to get happy with the news about what Coinbase is about to do: enabling Zcash trading.

Starting today, Coinbase will now let its users buy and sell Zcash (ZEC) tokens. Clients will be able to use the browser or the phone apps (for iOS and Android) to trade the tokens, send, receive or store them safely in the Coinbase wallet.

It is important to notice that, this being a privacy coin, some countries and jurisdictions might be against trading it. Because of this, Coinbase will not enable the trading and holding of ZEC tokens in some jurisdictions. At the moment, member of the United Kingdom or the state of New York will be banned from trading and owning ZEC tokens on the Coinbase platform.

About Zcash

Zcash is one of the top privacy coins in the market. It may not be as popular as Monero, but it is an asset that is considered a technical achievement in cloaking transactions so nobody will ever know whatever you used your ZEC tokens for.

You will be able to use both transparent and shielded transactions with the token and decide for yourself whether you really want other people to see the information of all your trades or not. As shielded trading is rather not well received by some governments (most of them, in fact), some people might want to leave a clear trace of their trades while using the asset.

Coinbase To Add More Assets

On the original announcement, the company has affirmed that it is currently planning to add more assets. Having more assets to trade is something that the users at Coinbase are constantly asking the company about, so it is natural that Coinbase is making a move to please its fanbase.

Many assets were listed during 2018 but, according to the company, many more will be added in 2019. Many of these assets will not be available for all the jurisdictions of the company, though, as, just like Zcash, some states and countries might not let the company trade them without getting some licenses first, so you will have to refer to its site to understand which tokens you can own.

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