How To Claim Bitcoin Cash BCH From Trezor, KeepKey & Ledger Wallets

This is a step-by-step tutorial meant for those using hardware wallets who may have passed up on claiming their Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and are wondering if you would be able to claim it now that BCH is turning a few heads.

First and foremost, you can only claim BCH from a wallet which held Bitcoin(BTC) before the August 1 hard fork. Even if you had sent BTC from the wallet since, you would not have lost your BCH due to BCH implementing a replay protection.

How to claim Bitcoin Cash on Ledger Nano S

1 – Ensure that you have the latest firmware version(1.3.1) – details here(

2 – Once you're updated, Open Ledger manager app and install Bitcoin Cash wallet on your device

3 – Open the Bitcoin Cash wallet and launch Bitcoin Chrome app

4 – Click Settings > Blockchains

5 – Select Bitcoin Cash chain

6 – You'll be given two choices, Main and Split. Click ‘Split'

7 – Now to transfer BCH to the new split wallet, Click ‘Receive'

8 – Copy the BCH address shown

9 – Click Settings > Blockchains > Bitcoin Cash

10 – You'll be given two choices again. This time, click ‘Main'

11 – Now Click on ‘Send' tab

12 – Paste the BCH address copied in step 8

13 – Select the amount of BCH to transfer BCH from Main wallet to Split wallet(Click ‘MAX' to claim it all) and click Send

How to claim Bitcoin Cash on Trezor

1 – Ensure that you have the latest firmware version(1.5.2) – details here(

2 – After ensuring that you have the latest firmware, open Trezor Wallet

3 – From the Wallet menu, select Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

4 – Click the Receive tab, and copy a Bitcoin Cash Receive payment address. Click the eyeball icon next to the address to verify the address

5 – In the next message box at the top of your wallet, locate the ‘coin-splitting tool' link

6 – A window opens with the message ‘Claim your Bitcoin Cash(Bcash)'. Click ‘Connect with TREZOR'

7 – From the ACCOUNT menu, choose an account where you stored Bitcoin and paste the address copied in step 4 into the TARGET ADDRESS field

8 – Check the details are correct and click ‘Claim BCH'

9 – Check the BCH recipient address on the display. Press the Confirm button if it matches your BCH receiving address

10 – Press confirm again to finish the transaction

Congratulations on claiming your Bitcoin Cash!

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