Hoyos Risen Coin

In today’s world, smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives since most people rely on them to stay connected with family, friends, and even work. However, smart phones are vulnerable, which means that the security and privacy of the smartphone users is always threatened. It is in this regard that HOYOS Integrity Corporation (HOYOS) developed HOYOS Risen.

What Is Hoyos Risen?

HOYOS Risen is a secure smartphone and transactional platform that utilizes one of the most impenetrable Operating System (OS) technologies, with the aim of disrupting how the mobile wireless and cyber security industries work. Additionally, the platform seeks to improve the management of information and protection of communications, cryptocurrencies, data, and transactions.

How Hoyos Risen Unhackable Smartphone Cryptocurrency Works

The smartphone integrates unique features that distinguish it from any other smartphone currently in the market. The features include, secure applications, DEDOS, which is an advanced biometric 3D fingerprint image capturing technology, and IEEE certified protocol that is blockchain based that eliminate fraud and theft through linking biometrics to the user’s identity.

Furthermore, the HOYOS smartphones provides users with access to the H-RISEN (HOYOS Real-time Impervious Secure Environment) platform. The platform is inaccessible to malicious software and hackers since it contains secure applications, which are biometrically authenticated using user identity. H-RISEN guarantees users the privacy of their communications, identity and digital assets such as private keys, medical records, and sensitive data.

Securing Payments

The H-RISEN platform will also secure payments and trading signing with unique biometrics that every user has. This subsequently results in the securing of the user’s privacy and their identity.

The smartphone and the H-RISEN platform functions using the HOYOS RISEN Coin (RSN). Token holders can use the tokens to pay for services within the platform, or as a payment method for transactions carried out using the HOYOS RISEN Smartphone. The transactions are performed using smart contracts technology and further recorded on the blockchain where they are also they are linked to the digital identity of the user.

Hoyos Risen Coin Benefits

Built For Security

Using the H-RISEN platform, users are provided with security of their identities, digital assets and privacy since it enable them to run impenetrable applications that are encrypted using the biometrics of the users.


As transactions are recorded on the blockchain which is a public and open ledger, tracking and auditing of the transactions is made possible therefore ensuring complete accountability and transparency of the transactions.

Cryptocurrency Add-On

The platform has a cryptocurrency add-on for ERC20 tokens. The add-on enables users to add a biometric lock to token’s blockchain. This prevents theft and loss of tokens even in cases where there is a compromise on the private keys.

Experienced Team

The platform’s team contains professionals with experience in cyber security, biometrics, identity, blockchain, and mobile communications, which makes the platform one of the best suited in delivering secure services.

Hoyos Risen RSN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • TOKEN SUPPLY: 100,000,000 RSN
  • TOKENS FOR SALE DURING ICO: 60% of the total supply

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