What Is HPlus Health Record Management System?

The platform is a type of decentralized health record system that makes managing easier then ever before. It’s said to change the way health records are stored and interacted with.

How Does HPlus Work?

H+ has a digital health wallet that is promised to be the one simple answer to managing all of your health records. Apparently, when it comes to medical assistance, they see no darkness or light. And that is because accurate medical diagnosis is one of the hardest jobs in the event of a medical emergency.

One reason is because reliable records are hard to find. Having accurate medical records is one of the most important factors of successful treatment. HPlus apparently gives the ability to manage any of your health records, anytime from anywhere with total accuracy. The system uses blockchain technology and gives you the ability to take care of your own records. You can even store them on a system that is exactly what the health care sector is looking for.

The platform is said to be health safe, providing safe access to your medical history from one safe spot on the blockchain. The information is always encrypted to help ensure your privacy.

There is also an option to book on demand to make appointments yourself after searching for the best institutions or doctors in your area.

You can also keep a constant eye on your current health. The Calculator on Hplus gives you updates at regular intervals and times that are right for you. They give feedback that is directly in correspondence to your own medical needs.

The platform is fully integrated with other health platforms, allowing you to get records and information to stay connected at all times.

You’ll also be able to totally digitize your medical history as well as records, so you can access them easily from anywhere on the blockchain. Even paper prescriptions can be digitized and stored on the blockchain.

The system also provides users with personal health information and education to help them stay healthy.

HPlus H+ ICO Details

The next ICO token sale starts in a little over 104 days. You can register now at the website. The best price for 10.8 million tokens is $0.20/1 H+.

The total number of tokens sold so far is 12.24 million out of 36 million.

Who Is Behind HPlus?

The team behind the platform is unique as the platform itself. The IT Expert, Corporate Entrepreneur is Kenneth Andam, also an Olympic Sprinter Athlete. Shaun May is the Big Data Analytics Expert. These are by no means the only people on the project however.

They are also supposedly supported by Ethereum, Ripple and another half dozen or so major players in the cryptocurrency space. Apparently, they chose HPlus above all the other medical platforms of a similar nature.

HPlus Health Record Management System Conclusion

The company is brand-new but looks promising. Even if they are still in development, they are also supported by Ethereum and Ripple supposedly. Now, that has not been verified, so do not hold us to it. But if it’s true, HPlus is a good company to follow and possibly invest with.

Especially if you suffer from any health issues or are a frequent visitor to the doctor’s office, ER or hospital. The purpose of the platform is to help people better manage their medical records from anywhere on blockchain technology. Before investing a bunch of money, I suggest waiting and seeing how the platform holds up in real world applications.

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  1. Kenny Andam associated with Hplus is a complete scam. Do not give your hard earned money to this guy. He has already been convicted of fraud and is wanted for evading taxes in Utah. Just google him.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The guy skipped out on his sentencing and now a statewide warrant is for his arrest in Utah. Complete fraud hiding in Ghana scamming ignorant folks on some supposedly new earth-shattering record company. This fool better not travel outside of his native Ghana to a country with an extradition agreement with the US.

  3. I have notified the FBI and the Utah Securities Division about this scam. They already have warrants out for his arrest on money laundering and tax evasion charges. His house in Utah that was in ruins has already been foreclosed. Do not give your money to this 419 scammer.


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