Quartz is the basic material for optical, electronic, and the solar (PV) industries. All modern electronic gadgets utilize quartz. However, quartz also happens to be one of the most abundant elements on earth. High Purity Quartz is the purest form of quartz. It comes as a white powder with a 99.995% purity of SiO2.

The Future Market Prospects

The solar industry is going to take up the biggest chunk of the HPQ market in future. Right now, it is dominated by the semiconductor industry.

Benefits Of Investing In HPQ Project

One reason for picking HPQ to back the ICO is that there is little competition globally for the quartz sector. Today, two players, who handle over 80 percent of global production, dominate the industry. The team has taken quite a while to perfect their technology but they believe they are now ready to disrupt the market.

The project also comes with some awesome returns and an exit option that is guaranteed. There is a buyback option at a predefined price or you can redeem your investment in HPQ products. The company guarantees both redemption and buyback. You do not have to worry about market volatility since the buyback price is set in US dollars.

The other benefit of being part of this project is that it is environmentally friendly. Their method of purifying quartz does not entail removing impurities. Instead, it entails taking the pure quartz out of quartz sand. The reagents are then recycled and reused in the process. Their new production process does not leave behind any waste.

HPQ Is A Real Industry

When you invest in HPQ, you are investing in a real industry, which you can visit, with a product that you can touch. The returns are also stable since the prices of quartz are usually quite stable globally. Besides that, everything has always been planned out; they have an industrial park, a sales team, a financial model, and much more.

Another reason to take part in this project is the transparency. Any potential investor can visit the physical site and see the technology. Besides that, they will conduct regulator updates for investors on the progress. This new and existing technology will be used to produce pure HPQ. A qualified team that has the sole goal of ensuring this project succeeds leads the company.

The Structure Of The HPQ ICO


April 18- May 8, 2018, with a minimum of 100 tokens

  • Week 1, April 18 –April 24 –USD 2 and 15% bonus
  • Week 2, April 25- May 1 – USD 2 and a 10% bonus
  • Week 3, May 2- Ma 8 – USD 2 and a &% bonus


May 9- June 8, 2018, no minimum or maximum amount

  • Day 1, May 9 –USD 2
  • Day 2-7, May 10- May 15 –USD 2.20
  • Day 8-15, May 16-May 23 – USD 2.30
  • Day 16-25, May 24- June 2- USD 2.40
  • Day 26-Close –USD 2.50

Soft Cap: USD 1,650,000
The HPQ token is an ERC20 token

Bulk Bonus:

  • 5,000+ tokens: +5% free tokens
  • 25,000+ tokens: +10% free tokens

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