Blockchain technology prides of possessing the answer to transform our healthcare sector by placing the most critical entity that is the patient at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, the increase of security, privacy and interoperability of the health data makes the technology more ideal for providing a new model of the health sector.

HSBlox is one such technology model that insists on providing new solutions that will make electronic health records much more efficient, secure and disintermediated. Here's more on the how the rapidly evolving venture could provide a fertile ground for the investing and experimentation of blockchain technology for healthcare.

What Is HSBlox?

HSBlox is a collaborative venture comprising of Atlanta-based healthcare and financial technology professionals who are looking to leverage their experience to offer next-generation solutions. The firm hopes to deliver solutions that will address value-based compensation and population-based health ecosystem that work under machine learning and blockchain technology. There is also the application of fintech and digital supply chain management solutions which will help deliver a much productive healthcare ecosystem.

Problems HSBlox Seeks To Address

The HSBlox solutions will address the following:

Values-Based Reimbursement

That will include programs that help mold the data structure within our healthcare industry. The integration will also include multiple healthcare providers, with permission disclosure of healthcare data necessary for medical research.

Patient Permission Data

In today's environment, patient data is not a matter that is given much consideration. However, with HSBlox the patient's data needs are distributed on multiple practice management solutions and EMR systems. Overall, the HSBlox solutions provide the patients with power over their data.


With healthcare sector becoming a hotbed of information there is need to establish an efficient system to analyze the overwhelming data. HSBlox plans to apply their experience from other industries to deploy integration tolls and machine-learning protocols to aggregate the data, analyze it and report on it with accuracy.

The SETU Platform

The Simplified Exchange and Transparency User (SETU) platform form the foundation for building the modular healthcare solutions. With its distributed ledger structure, SETU will accommodate the payers, providers, consumers and financial institutions seeking to address solutions to the healthcare sector.

Additionally, the SETU foundation will combine machine learning and blockchain to meet the real-time demand for information sharing and interventions within the industry. That will comprise of smart contract deployments that will help automate the multiple transactions between different parties such as the bundled payments and patient referrals.

The HSBlox Blockchain Powered Healthcare Solutions


The RevBlox proactively evaluates and ranks healthcare claims with regards to machine-learning capabilities and rule-based edits.


CuralBox is a comprehensive payment administration solution that carries a self-administration for risk-bearing providers to receive episodic payments.


The HSBlox SmartMP is made up of machine learning solutions that identify potential duplicates with high accuracy. Their detailed analytics will help address copies within the HSBlox workflow.


A proprietary integration tool provides a single connection API service for the companies seeking to integrate their hospital information systems, electronic medical records, practice management systems.


The Advanced Referral Manager automates the referral administration procedure with transparency for their referral status.


The QualBox solution allows a decentralized administration to enable quality reporting programs with the extra configuration metrics for multiple applications and participants

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