HTFx Coin

What Is HTFx Coin?

HTFxCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency working on High Technology Solutions to enable for a self-financing, instant and private token for convenience and transparency for investors. The cryptocurrency will work to develop an advanced encryption protocol form where HTFxCoin hopes to establish mass implementation with the draft protocol. Ultimately, the token hopes to aggressively support the penetration and adoption of the Coin HTFx as a decentralized and universally recognized digital currency.

How HTFx Coin High Tech Cryptocurrency Works

The HTFxCoin technology works under a next-generation peer-to-peer network (P2P). The unique improvising of the P2P architecture will help create an incentive system for the users and participant miners. The miners on the network nodes get rewards for checking, providing and storing blockchain capabilities to the users.

The Masternodes will form a network layer from the mining servers to create clusters known as quorums. Consequently, this will result in unique decentralized services which offer instant payouts, security and decentralized privacy to the users. At the same time, the decentralization allows for protection against network attacks.

HTFx Coin Benefits

  • Security- the use of blockchain allows for secure consensus algorithms allowing for the HTFxCoin with advanced security features and encryption
  • Token payouts- master node holders will receive fixed profit returns from the primary mining rig of the HTF coin
  • Decentralization- the core of HTF is the peer-to-peer capability working under the decentralized structure made up of the HTFx community
  • Use of Nodes master pools- master node holders will have the ability to create legal pools hence increasing the mining operations for the ordinary users
  • Rewards, gifts, and bonuses- users participating in building the HTF network or HTFxCoin will receive prizes for their efforts. Additionally, the HTF platform will offer a bounty and referral program for allocating the first 2.3 million HTFxCoin available for supply
  • Darksend, instant system- HTF provides for a reliable system which allows for immediate transaction process with the maximum protection with exposure from five seconds. The DarkSend technology is a by-product of DASH which ensures for denominations and anonymous, decentralized payments without delays

HTFx Coin HTF Token ICO Details

  • 18-22 April 2018- ICO will encompass 3 Million HTFxCoin at a price of 0.01 USD
  • 23, April- 5 May, 2018- 4.29 Million HTFxCoin at a rate of 0.02 USD
  • 8- 21 May, 2018- 1.3 million HTFxCoin at 0.05 USD
  • 22 May- 5 June, 2018- 1 million HTFxCoin at 0.07 USD
  • 6 June-20 June 2018- 800 000 HTFxCoin at 0.09 USD each
  • 21 June- 4 July, 2018- 300 000 HTFxCoin at 0.11 USD per coin
  • Symbol- HTF
  • Token supply- 8.7 million HTF
  • Price rate- 1 HTF=0.02 USD
  • Softcap 383, 000 USD
  • Minimum purchase- 0 HTF
  • Maximum purchase- 1 Million HTF

Token Fund Allocation

  • Business development- 45%
  • Software and Infrastructure- 35%
  • Marketing- 10%
  • Legal department and administration- 5%
  • Potential future liabilities- 5%

HTFx Coin Conclusion

HTFxCoin is ambitious in its plan to become an alternative form of anonymous money. Majorly this is the concept behind most cryptocurrency ventures and a bunch of financial start-ups on the blockchain. However, the idea might not appeal to all especially governments looking to ensure use of fiat currency. Competition may arise between these two currencies; and often currencies such as HTFx could spell doom to fiat currency.


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