Hubcoin plans to unite altcoin developers, create instruments for those developers, and assist them with promotion. Read our Hubcoin review today to find out how it works.

What Is Hubcoin?

Hubcoin, found online at, is a company that’s developing services for the altcoin community.

The company is developing instruments for altcoin developers and providing assistance to developers by helping them with investments and promotion.

Hubcoin has also pre-mined its own digital tokens. Those tokens were distributed to any altcoin developers who agreed to receive it. At the time of writing, Hubcoin had raised just over 4 BTC with its ICO. The more money the company raises, the more features it plans to offer to altcoin developers.

Ultimately, Hubcoin is being setup as a collective effort among the altcoin community. Altcoin developers are effectively paying the company to develop tools and promotional campaigns, and then altcoin developers benefit from those efforts.

Hubcoin Features

Hubcoin’s features vary depending on the amount raised. Here’s what the company plans to accomplish with each funding target:


Hubcoin will create a coin tracking service similar to or coinwarz, but more catered to the altcoin community. Users will be able to sort coins by algorithm. The listing service will also list new coins much more quickly.


Hubcoin will setup hosting for altcoin developers for free. In exchange for a small fee, it will also be available to non-developers. Hubcoin will also work on additional services like website creation, DDOS defenses, etc. Plus, Hubcoin will create a block explorer.


With 6 BTC of fundraising, Hubcoin will create block explorers for altcoins that do not have their own explorers, but require one. Coin creators can also add their own coins to the Hubcoin platform for free. Plus, users enjoy premium features like urgent coin additions, which will be available for payment in Hubcoin.


Hubcoin will create pools for coins that require it. Hubcoin will also allow coin creators to add their coins to the service at no cost. Premium features and coin listings will be available for fixed Hubcoin payments.

20 To 200 BTC

Some of the future planed features of the project for raising above 20 BTC include:

  • Desktop and webwallet service (free for altcoin developers) (20 BTC)
  • Android wallet service (30 BTC)
  • Coin creation service, which will be free of charge with a 10% pre-mine share (50 BTC)
  • Promotional services, including voting to secure more recognition, press releases, social media campaigns, online marketing campaigns, advertisements, etc. (100 BTC)
  • Reviving support for unsuccessful coins, like repairing stuck blockchains, fixing connection issues, creating websites, adding block explorers and services, and doing full work on the coin (200 BTC)

Who’s Behind Hubcoin?

The Hubcoin team currently goes by their pseudonyms and online handles. The developers are also listed next to their altcoins.

Developers include Topaz Coin (Saracenis), Benjirolls (Belligerent Fool), PartyCoin (UsuallyHappens), FidgetCoin (PhoenixWarrior333), and TattooCoin (TattooDev), among others.

You can view the complete list of HubCoin-affiliated coins on their website. Other affiliated coins include Kencoin, Virtual Cash Back Token, Datum, Sojourn, Skincoin, House Token, Wink, The Millionaire Token Club, and COSS Tokens.

Hubcoin Conclusion

HubCoin is a collaborative effort between members of the altcoin community. The project is seeking to raise funding to develop various initiatives. Those who support HubCoin today will gain access to those initiatives – including promotional materials, software wallets, and more – for free. Meanwhile, future altcoin developers can purchase the products on their own (if they didn’t initially support the project).

Obviously, the altcoin community is enormous. However, it’s hard for each altcoin team to develop its own marketing campaigns, wallets, and other products. By banding together with the HubCoin initiative, the community hopes to become stronger together.

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