In the midst of all this technological revolution, Blockchain is facing competition from the unlikely of sources, that is quantum technology. While blockchain works as a centralized platform, quantum technology offers a somewhat paradigm shift in how we process of information. The most probable advantage is that quantum-based blockchain is proving more potent than its classical counterparts and some ventures have found an apparent need to use the technology and break away from monotony. Here the initiative on a roll to fuse quantum technology to blockchain and undoubtedly give the world of internetworks a new design.


Hubezoo is a blockchain-based quantum application that aims to expand the use of decentralized networks to change how we use the internet. The Hubezoo internetwork will create a link to foundational infostructure, organize all big data through AI and integrate a social-commerce based ecosystem. With their organizational system, Hubezoo hopes to give users the opportunity to hyperspeed information and get to enjoy more seamless online interactivity. Their idea of using quantum applications will expand the capability of online functions while ensuring that our transactions remain unchanged.

Hubezoo Platform Features

  • UNAGOLD token-as Hubezoo's main currency UNAGOLD will facilitate the interchangeable behavior within the Quantum applications. Additionally, the token works under three modes of transactions i.e.
  • Monetary interchange through the revolving door mechanism
  • Vault system to hold all the funds, files, details and other forms transactions
  • Digital banks are provided to extend the purchasing power to include more online options
  • Shopezoo-users get to participate in online and offline commercial sales
  • Eduezoo-hosts all education programs within the ecosystem
  • Healthezoo-works to connect all of the health programs and information
  • Bankezoo-for easier transactions between users there is the central finance portal in Bankezoo

How the Platform Could Stand to Benefit Users

Unleashing the power of quantum technology and combining them with blockchain is bound to have a possible revolutionary impact on the current tech scenes. Here are the lead changes you should expect with an initiative such as Hubezoo

  • Increase exchange possibilities-the use of the revolving door technique allow for a comfortable acceptance and transfer of all type of currencies, files, and big data.
  • Scalability and sustainability-quantum blockchain allow for better functionality for the blockchain, and this improves the scalability through the master organizing.
  • Security- the UNAGOLD token works under a global reserve fund to ensure all transactions for the users and ultimately protect those interested.
  • Use of Quantum Layers-the interchangeable layers allow for easy trading or exchange for the public

Ico Structure and Details

The Pre-sale is already underway and expects to end on April 30, 2019, from where the ICO sets in to begin on May 15 till August 30, 2018. The supply for UNAGOLD stands at 150 million tokens each costing the investor $1.125-1.35 depending on the level of discount.

Additionally, the ICO will accept USD, EUR, BTC and ETH as means of purchasing the UNAGOLD coin.

  • Token Symbol: UNAGOLD
  • Token Sale Starts: May 15, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: August 30, 2018
  • Token Price: $1.125 – 1.35
  • Total Supply: 150 Million
  • Token Standard:
  • Soft Cap:
  • Hard Cap:

Hubezoo's Future Possibilities

To be clear, the use of quantum blockchain has the potential to threaten the future of networks as evident with the Hubezoo venture. However, a significant downside with the platform is that the technology in use is slightly relatively new and it remains unseen on how successful the innovation efforts can go into ensuring the adoption of full-scale practical reality for HUBEZOO.

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