Human Discovery Platform

Moscow-based blockchain startup Human Discovery Platform, is a decentralized system that analyzes and Requires ‘methodics' (a method known as personal data interpretation evaluations) for character analysis for electronic products. The organization's current whitepaper summarizes how it aims to address numerous issues for tech entrepreneurs, authors of methodics, and their backers.

Human Discovery Platform programmers are working on the service, which will launch to the public at June 2018. In order to raise the required funding of the platform, the team will be releasing the sale of HD Tokens on November 22th, 2017.

Human Discovery Platform Opportunity

The normal players of self-improvement industry like coaches or consultants have existed for ages, but the new trend in the business is a shift towards electronic services and mobile applications.

Integration of methods of character analysis into the professional services is a significant challenge, since it permits services to provide customers with highly personalized recommendations based on the comprehensive personal details.

The opportunity of the Human Discovery Platform is that entrepreneurs attempting to buy a methodic for a service application are expected to undergo a series of legal periods, pay taxes and various other commission charges.

Individuals wishing to sponsor an author are also required to meet the required legislative requirements, especially if they are citizens of different states. Authors of methodics also have undergone a rather high degree of scrutiny in the media, together with the science behind the methodics of the self-development industry frequently coming to question.

How The Human Discovery Platform Works

Human Discovery Platform's whitepaper describes how the corporation will fix the problems of approbation, through the monetization of methodics for personality analysis, data storage and supply regulation for interaction between entrepreneurs, authors of methodics and their backers.

The Human Discovery Platform will allow all authors to put in their own methodic into the system by producing a block, which can be located on nodes and execute a code of investigation.

The Human Discovery Platform will create complex methodics by combining blocks of various authors. Blocks are similar to smart contracts, loaded by authors to some blockchain-network, and implemented on decentralized nodes. The decentralized design of this platform ensures that the writer's data employed for the methodic will be stored safely and not exposed to some 1 point of failure.

HD Tokens

The Human Discovery Platform ecosystem will run on its native HD-token, assembled on the Ethereum blockchain. HD-tokens will likely be issued in exchange for Ethereum along with several other cryptocurrencies.

To conduct a petition for an investigation of input information, the customer will spend HD-tokens, which are later distributed between the writers of the cubes used by the client and the nodes where the analysis code is implemented.

Meet The Human Discovery Platform Team

Timur, Marat and Sergey are known in Russia as co-founders of all GetCourse, among the biggest services for the sale and delivery of online courses. The organization's revenue was $6 million in 2016. Over 1000 coaches and 9 million people have been using GetCourse.

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