What Is Humancoin?

Humancoin is a blockchain project that unites philanthropy with the world of crypto. Donors will be able to quickly make donations globally, monitor expenditure online, and receive a discount from partners of the platform. Charitable projects will be able to receive funds with little overhead and in a short time.

Problems Humancoin Seeks To Solve

This project wants to change how philanthropy works for the better. Specifically, it wants to create synergy with e-commerce and crypto markets, which have a combined worth of $3.5 trillion USD.

The technology that is used in the charity sector is quite low-level. It is common for people that are ready to donate to change their mind because of reasons such as:


Donors become wary of whether the funds will reach the intended target on time and in full. This is mainly because there is no international organization that officially coordinates and evaluates the work of charities.


Cross-border payments can be quite complex, whether you are paying for goods or donating to charity. In some cases, you might end up being grilled by regulatory agencies for such transfers. This put most people off.

Token Distribution

Most people do not understand how exactly their donation will change the intended recipients. Thus, they hold off giving their dollars to charity.

The Human Coin Blockchain Philanthropy Charity Platform Solution

The Humancoin project will resolve these issues via the blockchain integration into three sectors. These are e-commerce, charity, and the crypto industry. While annual donation volumes are estimated at $750 billion USD globally, the capitalization of the crypto sector is estimated at $300-$900 billion USD. The value of the B2C e-commerce sector is about $2.3 trillion USD.

By bringing synergy to these three markets, the project will herald a new era of charity. There will be a fixed number of Humancoin tokens for sale at the Token sale. These funds will go towards creating the Humancoin P2P platform.

There will also be an international network created, which will support this project. It will entail developing a partner network and launching a PR camping. At the end of the token sale, all tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges. After the token sale is over, the platform will start accepting applications and collecting funds for the charities. Donors will be able to pick projects, which they can fund.

Humancoin HUMA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: Humancoin
  • Total Coin Emission: 6000, 000, 000 Humancoins
  • Tokens for Sale: 3, 055, 000, 000 Humancoins
  • Price of the Tokens: 1 Humancoin = $0.01 USD
  • Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Presale: July 1 – August 15
  • Token Sale: September 15–November 1
  • Soft Cap: $6,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: $26,000,000 USD

Distribution Of Funds

  • Partnership Development Fund – 1,000,000,000 Humancoins
  • Team reward – 600,000,000 Humancoins
  • Advisors and ambassadors – 600,000,000 Humancoins
  • Consultants and exchanges – 500,000,000 Humancoins
  • Bounty, Referral, and Airdrop – 245,000,000 Humancoins

Of the team rewards, half will be blocked by a smart contract for 6 months and the other half will be blocked by smart contract for 12months.

Humancoin Conclusion

This is the first ever project in the e-commerce sector that could change how loyalty program works. Instead of being a competitor to existing models, the platform will actually build partnerships with them.

The Humancoin tokens can be converted into points, coupons, miles, and bonus. To do this, business owners will not need to reconfigure how their systems work. All that is needed is to set up a conversion rate.

As the number of partners grows, the token will grow in popularity. There are even plans to create partnerships with exchanges. As a result, Humancoin holders will get a discount on the exchange fees. This will also apply to airlines, where the token can be used as air miles.

The future expansion of this project is going to be financed by the 5% fee that is raised on all fee collected for charity projects. This is four times lower than the market average. Humancoin’s association with charity will give it a unique advantage when creating loyalty program with partners.

The blockchain platform, powered by Humancoin is going to give a new lease of life to charity. It will be the engine of growth while at the same time being the global loyalty program for a growing number of partners in various sectors.

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