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Information overload is viewed as destructive for the human mind leading to decompensation on mental, somatic, micro-social, and social levels. Among numerous methods for self-regulation and compulsory regulation developed over the years, meditation and prayer are believed to be the most effective, since they strengthen brain regions necessary to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability, and engage in mindful behavior.

Positive effects of synchronized brain activity are well documented and range from lower blood pressure and improved blood circulation to greater sense of well-being and happiness to reduced risk of mental dysfunction, depression, and substance abuse. However, for meditation and prayer to be effective significant time and efforts are required. Practice should be frequent, consistent and long-term. Unfortunately, the average person lacks the time and willpower, not to mention that serious meditation or prayer practice can be intrusive in a person’s lifestyle.

About Humena Club

Humena is derived from Human Enhancement. The basis for the company is about enhancing human life. All of the projects the company intends to develop are about enhancing human life, improving society, reducing violence and generally doing good.

Humena is a scheduled synchronous concentrative meditation for a number of participants to focus on special wishes or Key Words. Humena uses a suite of technologies to induce a Synchronous State of Mind by effortlessly synchronizing a person’s brain electrical activity, moods and mental states, attention span, and mental attitude. Additional technologies allow precise time synchronization of the participants’ smartphones globally and then to synchronize all of the participants’ brainwaves and smartphone apps so that all experience the meditation or prayer in the same state of mind simultaneously around the world.

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Why Humena Meditation?

A common understanding of synchronous meditation is that it occurs at the same time for all the participants. But it is inevitable that there will be several seconds if not minutes difference between every participant’s state of mind. HUMENA meditation is different because it has an extremely high synchronizing resolution. It is in the millisecond range which is much higher than participants brainwave frequency. During HUMENA meditation persons located far away from each other around the world will have complete brainwaves alignment and their mental states will be completely synchronized.

Astral Tokens (AST)

To expand the business, HUMENA Group will undertake an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) through HUMENA CLUB, a Nevis based entity wholly owned by HUMENA Group (USA). HUMENA CLUB will be granted rights from HUMENA Group to develop up to 100 HUMENA B2B Projects for meditation, prayers, entertainment, sports and all related market segments.

AST tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “Astral Tokens”). The AST Token distribution will take place over 360 days starting on May 31st, 2018. 90,000,000 AST tokens will be distributed in the first 15 days of the ICO. 60,000,000 AST tokens will be distributed in the next 15 days of the ICO and 660,000,000 AST tokens will be distributed in the next 330 days of the ICO.

To participate in the AST Token distribution, you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet or an application where you and only you hold the private keys. The minimum contribution accepted during any period of the AST Token distribution is 0.01 ETH.

Humena Club Conclusion

HUMENA group has already developed 12 B2B (Business to Business) apps available on Google Play and App Store (Apple) platforms. HUMENA currently has 15 thousand registered users with 23-35 new users added daily. As of April 2018, HUMENA Group is pursuing negotiations with a few large meditation groups with several million customers in total.

More information about them is available on .


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