HunCoin HNC

In the world of cryptocurrency, you might not be sure of the next leap you take when investing your funds. However, there is always a way to keep the risk at bay with the right preparation, knowing where to venture and where to stay clear.

If you are looking into getting started with Huncoin HNC, it is best that you keep reading this review to the very end to understand what this currency is all about, and whether it is good for you to step in or you need to keep it at bay.

About HunCoin HNC

Huncoin uses peer-to-peer technology as a blockchain, which does not include a central authority or any bank to oversee the transactions, which means it is free to use for everyone. The name Hoon, which is also spelled as Hun, is primarily a Korean name and a morpheme in other Korean names too. HunCoin stands out as the only coin that comes without IPO and ICO.

Also known as HNC, Huncoin is not pre-mined, since all the IPO and ICO coins are illegal in Korea. This doesn’t come as a surprise though since 100% of all the cryptocurrencies in the country feature pre-mined with ICO and IPO coins. The cryptocurrency is gaining ground in the market; it has gone up to 1380 satoshi in October 2017, which is an increase from the previous 30-satoshi lows.

This fast increase offers an ideal opportunity for the cryptocurrency and users looking to step into its use, which has seen a major increase in users’ interest. Since the tension is currently high between the United States of American and North Korea, this Huntosh comes in an important Korean cryptocurrency. It offers an ideal option for the South Korean users and a method for wealth protection as well as helping in supporting public trade.


This cryptocurrency has several specifications that make it stand out and achieve its purpose. The coin type is Proof of Work, also known as POW, with a hashing algorithm of X13 and a difficulty algorithm Digishield for every block.

The total mined amount so far is over 31 M, which equals 30 Satoshi per each Huncoin. The block mining rewards are at 40, with the block generation at 60 seconds. The confirmation of mining compensation stands at 120 times.  It is worth noting here that the rewards for block mining will be divided in half for every block height reaching 1080000.


For any cryptocurrency user, wallets are a crucial part, and HNC comes with a good deal of wallets for your use too. Some of the wallets that you can use include a windows wallet, a Linux wallet, and Apple OSX wallet. You can also download GitHub and Android as well; the options are almost endless.

So, Is HunCoin HNC Genuine?

From the fact that this cryptocurrency is built on a decentralized system, as well as the safety of its wallets and a lot more options for staying safe, we can conclude that this is a legit option to try. If you are looking to make the most of cryptocurrency, then you can check it out and see its magic in action without the fear or risk of losing your investment.

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