What Is Hunimal?

Hunimal is an ecosystem that attempts to unravel the brutal sequence of uncontrolled animals, including companion animals. The ecosystem advocates for the coexistence of both human beings and animals.

How Hunimal Humans & Animals Smart Pet Blockchain Works

Smart Contract For Pet Service

The smart contracts are needed to offer a number of companion animal services and are stored and implemented in contacts. The contracts are programmed in such a way that it enables the companion animal service function for medical treatment, interment services, public transportation, health care, as well as supplies. The Hunimal blockchain will also be instrumental in providing a trust-based application service, which are not readily available in the customary service environment.

HNI Token Transaction

This is a devolved ledger of HNI tokens. It is used as a coinage in the friendly animals’ amenities marketplace in the Hunimal blockchain environment. It offers a secure trade payment atmosphere without the need for centralized financial institutions or payment processing procedures. This platform does not allow double spending with greatly augmented transaction speed in comparison to the old-fashioned initial blockchain technology like Bitcoin.

Pet Identification Hash

The platform provides a unique code value that can be used when identifying companion animals like cats and dogs. These animals are matched with the vein recognition information which are removed from the gadget that makes use of the vein identification technology.

Once it is recorded, the companion animal code cannot be detached. Consequently, the code can be conferred with the companion animal owner or family details. This can go a long way in averting the desertion of companion animals to a great magnitude.

Hunimal HNI Token & ICO Details

By making use of the system’s internal exchange, it is possible for just anyone to exchange the HNI Coin to HNI token. By using the Hunimal blockchainHNI Coin, a user can have access to its benefits like participating in voting or block production. Any kind of misconduct is prohibited. It is also worth noting that users can trade with fiat or cryptos at external exchanges. The token can also be used as a payment process for amenities.

HNI Token Distribution

  • ICO Participants: this is instrumental in indicating the quantity of tokens which will be disbursed to the market through those who will take part in the initial coin offering.
  • The structure of the DAAP Ecosystem: a particular amount of the HNI token will be used for the advancement as well as operation of DAPP services. This will help facilitate a dynamic DAPP ecosystem.
  • Airdrop Event: more tokens will be offered to HNI token holders through a number of Airdrop events which are scheduled to take place after the ICO.

HNI Distribution Plan

  • Marketing operations
  • Development community creation and operation: creating augmented technical white papers.
  • Contribution and fund creation: supporting companion animal budding businesses, supporting animal shelter as well as facilities, coming up with associated finances resulting from seed funding.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Payment method: ETH
  • Total supply: 80,000,000,000 HNI Tokens
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000,000 HNI Tokens
  • Soft cap: 10,000,000,000 HNI Tokens
  • Pre-sale rate: differential payment period (7. 1~8.30)

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