Ether & BTC Now Available for Trading with Verge Tokens (XVG) on Huobi Exchange

Today marks a major event in the history of Verge Tokens. XVG is preparing for available for pairing with Ether and BTC on international exchange platform Huobi. The official listing made possible by the team Huobi & Verge, marks a new epoch in evolution for XVG.

Huobi’s new parameters for exchanging the pairs will begin on August 1st, 2018. Any withdrawals made starts just a couple days later the 3rd of August 2018. XVG, who has recently partnered with several other companies, operates on an open-sourced decentralized blockchain network. The foundation of the company’s infrastructure is Bitcoin’s own block, making it an easily integrated system.

The first goal of Verge is to operate a fast trading network, capable of handling the maximum supply of $16.5 billion in XVG Tokens. There cannot be any sacrifice in speed or reliability according to Verge, the same can be said for Huobi.

A new Verge wallet will support users looking to trade the token. Called the Electron Verge, the wallet was released for Bitcoin v.0.13. Verge’s new exchange pairs will bring new supporters who will no doubt want access to the upgraded wallet. Electron Light as the wallet is called has high security protection to keep funds stored within it safe from cyber-attacks Other options include a payment system designed to work on mobile devices, also with a heightened internal security protocol.

The coin is doing well, with price increases happening on a consistent basis. Spikes in token value are over high, with coins jumping from $0.22 to $0.26 in less than seven days.

With new wallet technologies, users can rest safe and sound with the security of their tokens being safeguarded via improved security protocols. Electron will also be able to maintain a reliable network with scalability not being an issue either. Verge is building their credibility as a serious contender in the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, the token was officially declared the first coin to be used on a blockchain-based escort service known as PinkDate, another breakthrough for the rapidly growing company.

Do you have experience with Huobi or Verge? Tell us your opinion of the two below in the comment section.

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