Huobi H1 Blockchain Market Report Reveals Intriguing Cryptocurrency Forecasts

More than 70% of all investors around the world are making quick responses to questions on major exchange Huobi, that believes the cryptocurrency market cap will expand by more than a third in 2018 alone.

Experts, Investors: Altcoins Likely To See Rebound

Part of the new findings on Huobis’s H1 status of the market report, Global Blockchain Industry Overview and Prospects, released last month, stated clearly that most undoubtedly favored “substantial increase” in total market value as the most likely outcome for the second half of the year.

Another 18.6% expect to see a small increase somewhere between 10-30 percent, with just a few (10%), expecting to see a slump in the market value for cryptocurrency.

The very enthusiastic sentiment comes regardless of the continual drop of value for a multitude of different cryptocurrency assets, Huobi also noted that 67 percent of new coins were going to be traded under the price of issuance in June.

Bitcoin Rises To $15.3K In Next Six Months

Moving ahead, a new selection of experts accumulated by Australian new outlet Finder made predictions on 2018’s biggest winner possibly won’t be BTC, but different altcoin assets instead, which was in accordance to the major price drop that happened in the first quarter of the year.

While Bitcoin should reach $15,372 by December 31st – it has assets like Cardano and EOS that will see the largest permanent change occurring with a rise of somewhere between 250 and 300 percent. TRON, the group states that it could rise as much as 342 percent.

Huobi on the other hand is paying more attention to the different altcoins, making summaries on 2017’s ICO token onslaught as a sign that there is a paradigm shift taking place in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s also apparently shown with the different consensus on smart contracts that is now forming.

Speaking in broader terms, there are six highlighted rationales for the cryptocurrency explanation. They are penetration, cryptocurrency finance will penetrate traditional finance. Also, application, only use cases + blockchain will set the market ablaze. Lastly mergers and acquisitions or the acquisition of high-quality internet applications through cryptocurrency assets that will occur.

The average age of cryptocurrency investors will also increase will more female participants entering the space as well.

What are your thoughts on the reports made by Huobi and Finder? Tell us in the comment section below!

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