Huobi Pro is a global expert trading platform under the Huobi brand for professional traders.

Huobi Background

This year, China-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange firm Huobi launched Huobi pro. It was made to function as a blockchain asset only trading platform. Even though the website is a fiat to blockchain strength trading platform, was designed to fulfill cryptocurrency trader’s requirement for diversified digital assets and arbitrage. At that time, intended to establish add-ons such as approach system, qualitative trading instruments and contract trading in the near future.

According to Huobi, more than 50 percent of the blockchain strength trading volume is crypto-to-crypto (C2C) trading. Considering this statistic and with current C2C platform starts by rivals in the space, Huobi felt that it was time, as one of the largest exchange market's in the nation, to officially launch last July 28th.

Huobi Main Features

  • Lesser cost when trading digital resources
  • Superior arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage lessens the cost of funding, increases fund usage efficiency and shortens transaction time
  • Chances to capitalize and trade in virtual resources

The Company Behind Huobi

Huobi is the biggest digital money currency in China. The company, set up in September 2013, has grown into the bitcoin trading platform in China and has established a whole value chain that covers software and mining related to digital currency. The website was set up by entrepreneur Li Lin, who discovered bitcoin perfect for a new company project due to close association with money, high entry barrier, and recurrent usage.

Huobi Advantages

  • Professional Security – The huge majority of customer assets that are digital are saved in a multi-signature cold wallet. In addition, other online digital resources are protected by multiple hazard control plan.
  • Privacy Protection – Offers privacy protection that is reliable through full features of digital assets.

Huobi Support

Huobi pro’s support team can be reached by phone, email, ticket or by social networks. The site platform is

Latest Development On Huobi

Recently, China-based Houbi cryptocurrency exchange declared its SegWit2x contingency plans for the company’s trading platform Huobi Pro. The exchange details that its own plans to support of the tokens that derive from the Segwit2x hard fork. Houbi Pro will encourage all coins deriving from the Segwit2x hard fork.

The trading system Houbi Pro revealed its procedure last October 17 to make way for the fork scheduled this coming mid-November.

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  1. Scam exchange! The support don’t respond, telegram also or they ask 10 times the same docs like a robot. Unable to access my account or withdraw. I’m not alone in this case

  2. Huobi first closed my account without any reason. It was no longer possible to login.
    After I have been complaining through telegram, they reopen my account; but I could no longer withdraw. The woman on telegram wrote me that it is because my account is suspended. It might be because they reopen my account with the country China in my settings (I’m living outside China).
    Huobi took me all my cryptocurrencies.
    Huobi is a thief.


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