The invention of blockchain has opened up newer and more diverse ways for ordinary people to earn while doing virtually anything they would still be doing anyway. Platforms such as Hupplat have made it possible for people to connect and message each other seamlessly, and securely, and the best part is that they get to earn cryptocurrency while doing it.

What Is Hupplat?

If you like to write or read stories, Hupplat can help you earn more by providing a platform to publish own content at no charge. This is essentially a blockchain platform that brings together publishers, readers and investors to a partnership that rewards everyone with cryptocurrency.

How To Earn With Hupplat Book Authors & Readers Blockchain

Hupplat is an easy to use in-browser and mobile app platform where content is shared and rated. As a social platform, it has great tools to create and share stories and earn revenue from them. Advanced automated crypto money distribution system algorithmically distributes cryptocurrency based on user activities on the site.

This means that users that spend the most time and use the application more will earn more cryptocurrency no matter what they are using the app for. Note that this is real cryptocurrency that can be used for both intra-site and crypto-markets exchanges. They can also be converted into actual cash money.

The Hupplat blockchain platform creates value in tokens that is shared among the writers or content creators, readers (content consumers), and third-party investors in for the profit. Hupplat is considering a fast daily token distribution system with an intuitive interface that makes it sleek and easy to use.

As a publicly available blockchain platform, Hupplat provides equal opportunities to everybody, but earliest investors will benefit the most. The company targets individual storytellers who have all kinds of content they would want to share but have always found it difficult to create blogs or pay to get their stories out.

Hupplat HUP Token ICO Details

  • Token Name and Ticker: Hupplat, HUP
  • Maximum supply: 1.5 billion
  • Total Release Time: 60 Years
  • Potential users: 50 Million
  • Max available Coins: 4,000,000 (15,000,000 reserved for books)
  • ICO Price: 779 HUP = 0,99 ETH (minimum Investment)
  • 27% early participation bonus

Hupplat Conclusion

The Hupplat message and content sharing system is built to separate the best content from the rest. Content is rated in a transparent manner and everyone gets an equal opportunity to earn in the process. For the readers, the opportunity is to earn while reading the best of your favorite stories enriched with immersive reading experiences.

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