HUSSY Review: The cryptocurrency for the blockchain-based sex industry

With the knowledge we have in the commercial sex industry, it would be safe to say that the sector does need innovation. For a long time, the business is run on rather scantily details which always bring the issue of identity and payment security.

However, aims to eliminate the common myths with the sex industry by introducing a safer channel by pairing sex with blockchain technology to facilitate a natural progression. Here's how the blockchain platform wants to promote hookups for sex workers and their clientele through blockchain technology

What Is HUSSY? is an Initial Token Offering set to bring a blockchain-based platform designed to allow for prostitutes and the customers to exchange cryptocurrency for sexual services. The HUSSY platform will provide for scrutiny of both the service providers and clientele to minimize the chances of STD transmission and possible cases of human trafficking.

HUSSY Blockchain Model For Adult Work Features

KYC Compliance-

Each HUSSY participant will require to fill out a Know-Your-Customer to ensure that they are of legal age. The information goes through a due-diligence protocol to ascertain the details and once approved the service provider receives a KYC Certificate.

Professional Health Authorization-

With cases of STDs high in the sex industry, HUSSY will provide an awareness measure to ensure regular health checks of their service providers from wherein they receive a STDs check certificate.

Proof Of Consent-

The service provider and client will also get scan a QR code with the HUSSY mobile application to ascertain their consent to having sex with the other party. The PoC agreement goes to the blockchain database for confirmation and secure storage.

HUSSY Benefits

  • Decentralization– sex workers and clientele get to work and transacts between themselves seamlessly without the need for a third-party payment service.
  • Anonymity- the user interface works through blockchain technology and with its anonymity features users' identities remain private from scrutiny
  • Security- the KYC compliance and health checks help keep both parties to the HUSSY platform safe regarding health, payments, and quality of services
  • Flexible fee schedule- the range of sex service providers within HUSSY will allow customers to scan for bids and pay the best value for their money

HUSSY HUS Token ICO Details

HUSSY intends to release the dates for its Public ICO sale once the Private Sale runs out.

  • Public token sale- 50 million HUS
  • Private token sale- 10 million HUS
  • Treasury reserve- 21 million HUS
  • Bounty program- 3 million HUS
  • Team members and advisors- 13 million HUS
  • Early Adopters- 3 million HUS

Token Details

  • Ticker- HUS
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Model- ERC-20
  • Hard cap- 30,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap- 3,000,000 USD
  • Token supply- 100,000,000 HUS
  • Tokens for sale- 60,000,000 HUS

HUSSY Conclusion

There is growing talk of the need to protect sex workers from the growing violence towards them and HUSSY seems to have found a solution to the threat. However, a significant downside that comes with the blockchain service is the legal and moral obligations in the different countries. While it does address the shamming, security and safety of the sex industry through cryptocurrency, plenty of countries have a nexus of laws against procurement of sex for money leave alone cryptocurrency. In a nutshell, getting HUSSY on a global scale could prove harder than anticipated.

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