HUYU is a free ancestry platform that enables users to interact with friend and family members from anywhere across the world. Users will independently the content to be used in this platform. Although it is free, the HUYU interface will not feature the often annoying advertisements.

What is The HUYU Coin?

HUYU will leverage an intelligent genealogy engine to foster close relationships amongst family members. Furthermore, the blockchain-powered platform will guarantee users of a secure network through which they can share multimedia objects, contacts and gifts.

On a regular basis, the system will gather “Big Data” from the databases. This data is invaluable in the improvement of future modules as well as the establishment of macro trends. Nonetheless, HUYU will never disclose personal information, and users can opt out at their own volition.

In addition to its native HUYUcoin, the HUYU platform will support major digital and fiat currencies such as BTC, ETH, USE, GBP, AUD, and EUR. Profits generated from the project will go towards the dividends as well as the improvement of the platform.

As of now, HUYU is still in developmental stages, albeit the final steps. The prototype is already tested, proving that the concept of the project is realistic. Also, the developers have successfully completed the development of the framework and databases, and are currently applying finishing touches on the front-end interface. HUYU intends to upload the module at least a fortnight before the designated inauguration date so that the public can thoroughly test the system.

The Problems

  • Presently, the cost of subscribing to genealogy services is relatively high, averaging $120 per annum.
  • Users do not have the authority to construct their family trees
  • The existent systems are severely limited in terms of social aspects of genealogy
  • Tracking genealogy is a cumbersome process
  • Global gifting is risky, expensive and time consuming
  • Geographic dispersion leads to loss of contact amongst relatives
  • Inaccurate data

HUYU Solutions

  • HUYU is free of charge
  • User have control over their family trees
  • HUYU integrates social aspects such as child lock features
  • HUYU simplifies the tracking of genealogy
  • By eliminating shipping charges, HUYU significantly reduces the cost of global gifting
  • HUYU keeps relatives in contact regardless of their location
  • HUYU’s database is incontrovertible

Features Of The HUYU Platform

The first module of the HUYU platform will have the following features:

  • Intelligent family tree
  • Child accounts
  • English language
  • Contacts
  • Wish lists
  • Individual profile
  • Messaging client

In the future, the following features will be added.

  • Multiple languages
  • Mobile application
  • Event calendar
  • Profile upgrade
  • Social and family walls
  • Notifications
  • Featured stores

About The HUYU coin

This is the principal medium of exchange within the HUYU platform. Therefore, members will use it to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem. The ICO for HUYUcoin will be held on the WAVES Platform throughout the month of May 2018. 60% of the total supply will be up for sale in the ICO, with early investors getting discounts.


The concept of HUYU was initially incepted in 2014. Since then, the company has conducted two rounds of private fundraising events and developed a working prototype. This year, the project will launch the platform to the public after the completion of the ICO.

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