Hyde & Co HYD ICO Review

What is Hyde & Co?

HCoinInvestments.com is the home of the company Hyde & Co. They are claiming to be a new type of hedge fund that operates with cryptocurrency. And they are currently going through the stages of an ICO. It’s supposedly a collective Hedge fund that operates through the use of a so-called sophisticated artificial intelligence. They claim to buy and sell securities.

Everything on the table from the start, A.I. trading bots are the fad right now, but are nowhere near as capable of doing what a human being can do.

How Does Hyde & Co HYD Work?

We’ll get into that shortly, but here’s the first thing – before even getting into what the company really does or is all about, they have a whole lot of information about the ICO and buying tokens. They’re obviously focused on the ICO fund raising, rather than showing the world how they can add a solution to the industry.

A lot of these companies come out with the same promises and same business model. Yet they have nothing to offer that is unique and different. Regardless, I’ll get more into the ICO shortly but first I want to talk more about the company.

What is the ICO on Hyde & Co?

Minimum investment in ETH of 0.01 ETH. Minimum transaction of 0.01 BTC and 1.000 GBP required to get payouts. This is a tactic that usually a leave a lot of people never getting paid out. Bonus for volume of 2% for transactions that are larger or equal to ten ETH. First five thousand tokens will be sold with the exchange rate of one to one thousand

If the soft market cap is 100ETH and it hasn’t been reached by May of 2018, then investors can supposedly ask for their money back. Unfortunately for investors, there is a good chance the company won’t last that long anyway.

Here’s how it is said to work – buy tokens and you get 40% of all the profits of the fund they are managing for you. The rest of the money is said to go the ICO. The funds are close ended, meaning if you don’t own HYD tokens then you don’t get to invest.

While the ICO is commencing, the Hyde & Co HYD tokens will be locked from transfers until the crowdsale is completed. The tokens will then be available for trade on the major exchanges. From the look of it, they lock the tokens, so you can’t get your money back. The company could possibly crash before the ICO ends. The reason I say this is because there are so many of these scams happening right now it’s a bit ridiculous. Tons of people are losing money because they don’t know any better. In the end, it hurts the entire credibility of the industry.

They claim that simulations suggest they wouldn’t have lost money since 1990 if they were in operation. Unfortunately, there is no proof of this extremely bold claim. It’s safe to say there isn’t a single company that’s ever existed that hasn’t lost money at some point over a 28 year period.

The Fund is said to be a long-short fund. And by using A.I trading bots to read market data, they will supposedly be able to identify securities that will grow in value. They will also be able to determine when a fund will fall apparently, through the use of the artificial intelligence of course. With this knowledge, Hyde & Co claims they’ll be able to make the best trades online. There is one small graph on the website, but it doesn’t prove much of anything.

According to the website, you should buy their tokens because average investors tend to lose money when working by themselves. This is probably true at some level, it still doesn’t give adequate purpose to buy their tokens. You can easily find legit investment groups in the cryptocurrency space that have a proven track record of success. Not to say all new companies like this are scams, but there is a reason Hyde & Co. is considered high risk and leans towards being a Ponzi.

Who is Behind Hyde & Co?

It’s because of this you should be careful with Hyde & Co. They have about two sentences about their team. There are no pictures, no social media links, no verification of who they say is running the platform even exists. Secondly, they give no information on where the company headquarters are located. These two red-flags equate to a total lack of transparency. Something that is fundamental for successful businesses and startups alike.

Hyde & Co HYD ICO Conclusion

There are some other bounty specials for people looking to spread the word about the company, but they’re not worth going into at this point. The company falls in the realm of scam, plain and simple. The red-flags are hopefully enough to deter you from investing with Hyde & CO. If not, do so at your own risk because a lot of risk is the only thing I see here.

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