Hyperion Fund

What Is Hyperion Fund?

Hyperion Fund is a blockchain-enabled platform that allows investors and private individuals to hold their own stake in the power plants found across the globe. The platform accumulates and allocates the investors’ funds to the development of the Solar Power Plants (SPP).

The global investment in solar is facilitated by the power purchase agreements (PPA). The PPA is a long-term contract with various governments in which each government guarantees to buy a given amount of energy from an energy producer at a given pricing over a period of 20 years.

Solar investors will have an opportunity to have an equity-based IRR of at least 30% or more and the risk of government bonds at the same time when they invest in the PPA.

How Hyperion Fund Blockchain Solar Energy Benefits Works

The Hyperion Fund invests in a local project and a solar power plant construction. After the project starts operating, the fund refinances equity on energy marketplace or sell SPP to core investors with a target of at least 2 times profit. The Hyperion fund platform reinvests the sales profits and leverage bank debt to increase solar capacity by a projected 1.5 times to 3.5 times annually.

The diversified project portfolio has a significant scale covering Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The platform also offers its investors predictable cash flow that grows at a sustainable rate and secured in power purchase agreements (PPA).

The platform is also developing its own energy marketplace to assist every developed SPP with constant approved cash flow to allow the investors to get refinancing using forward contracts for kWh with a fixed tariff. Hyperion Fund takes 1% commission and reinvests this percentage to increase the total grid capacity.

The Hyperion Fund platform has already successfully delivered eight solar projects that include:

  • Two in South Africa at 76 MW and 75 MW of energy
  • Two projects at Kazakhstan at 30 MW and 5 MW of energy
  • One project in Italy at 18 MW of energy
  • A project in Ukraine at 5 MW of energy
  • One project in Germany at 4.4 MW of energy
  • One project in Austria at 1.3 MW of energy

Hyperion Fund HWT Token & ICO Details

Each of the Hyperion Token (HWT) is indexed to the overall capacity so that the wattage value of 1 HWT will multiply as the platform builds more SPPs and develop the energy marketplace. Starting at 1W at issuance, the number of watts that are bound to each token will grow. In a five years period after a significant increase in the total grid capacity of Hyperion Fund, 1HWT will entitle each investor to 1.3 Hyperion Coin (HC) multiplied by the number of watts that are bound to each token.

154 million tokens will be issued. One Hyperion token will be backed by 1W of SPPs capacity. The number of watts per token will be subject to an annual increase along with the Hyperion reinvestments into new SPPs every year. The price of the Hyperion Token was priced at $0.50 during the Pre-Sale which was held between 16th March 2018 and 18th May 2018 and the price of the token will be $0.64 during the ICO sale that will be held on 1st June 2018 to 10th June 2018.

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