What Is HyperQuant?

The HyperQuant platform seeks to provide for a multifunctional portal where users can perform automated crypto trading functions, portfolio management and the create dApps on a Fast Order Delivery protocol.

How HyperQuant Automated Crypto Trading & Investing Works

HyperQuant combines blockchain technology to create a professional capital management platform that will help the quant traders make safe automatized investments on digital currencies. Each of the investments is supported by smart contracts to ensure the due diligence on the investors.

The HyperQuant platform compromises of:

  • Smart order execution strategies- the execution strategies work with the order book to develop quoting strategies depending on the particular task.
  • ECN Electronic Communication Network)- the system unites all the exchanges to facilitate seamless auto trading
  • Smart contracts- the algorithmic strategies are implemented as smart contracts to develop the platform's unified protocol with additional standardized settings
  • Risk management system- with cryptocurrency trading and investing several posing risks, there is every possibility of unexpected losses. HyperQuant will offer a SaaS solution that uniquely provides professional risk control for the crypto markets
  • Market making algorithms- the HyperQuant market maker, supports two-way quotations for investing in the order book.
  • AI advisors- for efficient risk management, HyperQuant provide AI technology that learns the market data from the users to establish appropriate trading moves
  • The HyperQuant Token- the utility token of the HyperQuant economy will enable transparent and fair relations between users.

HyperQuant Benefits

HyperQuant hope to offer the following benefits under its use of cutting-edge technology:


With regards to the fast theme of the platform, HyperQuant uses the quick order delivery protocol that operates faster than similar auto-trading solutions. That provides the platform with a competitive advantage among its peer.

Hyper Smart

The risk management system and AI-technology help manage the platform's components with the help of accumulated market data. The system combines the algorithms to minimize the associated risks.

Hyper Secure

HyperQuant uses the Ethereum blockchain to conduct its traffic and maintain a computational efficiency. That means HyperQuant can handle even 1,000,000,000 orders daily and at a 1 Kb size. That will only require 30 hashing operations compared to other solutions

HyperQuant HQT Token & ICO Details

Hold HQT

  • Access crypto trading bots
  • Access market making and hedging software

Earn HQT

  • Develop and placed Apps in the marketplace
  • Provide valuable data to the market

Spend HQT

  • Create smart contracts for data storage of your configurations and portfolio
  • Build and trade the dApps or hedge fund software

Private Token Sale

  • Start- May 1, 2018
  • End- May 31, 2018
  • Price- 1 ETH= 400 HQT


  • Start- June 1, 2018
  • Ends- July 31, 2018
  • Price- 1 HQT= $0.15

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token ticker- HQT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token type- ERC20
  • ICO Token Price- 1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH, 1 ETH =3500 HQT
  • Fundraising Goal- 41,143 ETH
  • Total token supply- 320 000 000 HQT

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale- 45%
  • Margin Fund- 30%
  • Team- 15%
  • Advisors & Partners- 9%
  • Bounty- 1%

HyperQuant Conclusion

With innovation and insight in cryptocurrency gaining momentum, the crypto trading strategies keeps getting more transformative and disruptive in various ways. Such is the case with the HyperQuant venture. However, it remains essential to note that no algorithm or auto trading strategy can genuinely guarantee a consistent profit within crypto markets.

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