What Is HyperX?

HyperX is a crypto payment solution for private deals that bridges the gap between selling second hand items and cryptocurrencies. HyperX seeks to design the future of blockchain technology in a way that suits daily usage and will be beneficial to the user’s everyday life experience. The payment solution targets users who might be uncertain of whether to use cryptocurrency. Its system makes it possible for users to sell their used items in a fast, secure, and anonymous way.

There is a gap between blockchain technologies and their usage in day-to-day tasks. HyperX will close this gap by combining decentralized advantages of blockchain with life experiences and make it easy for users to sell their used items. Users will receive payments for their used items in form of the HyperX token, which is easily convertible to their favorite cryptocurrency.

How HyperX Cryptocurrency Payment Solution Works

HyperX has a marketplace based on the decentralized Wave Blockchain that results in many advantages for users. Buyers can post on the marketplace their products with the description and prices. Once a buyer selects the product, trading takes place using the HyperX token. The marketplace ensures a high usability with its wide range of settings such as product keywords or product categories.

The marketplace will provide sellers with a fast and secure access to the cryptocurrency market while providing buyers with fast and secure transactions using the HyperX token on the Waves Blockchain.

HyperX Branded Wallet

A branded cryptocurrency wallet is integrated into HyperX. The wallet will allow users to easily and safely interact and transact with the HyperX marketplace and the cryptocurrency world using various cryptocurrencies. Sellers can easily transfer their earnings to the HyperX wallet. Additionally, deposits can be made into the wallet using fiat money.

Investors can access the HyperX token during the ICO. This will give them a stronger purchasing power within the HyperX marketplace, as the tokens will enable them to purchase their favorite listed item at a distinctively lower price. The risk investors face is also minimized as they can participate in the cryptocurrency market not only using cryptocurrency or fiat money but also their second hand items. Funds collected during the token sale will be allocated to the development and operation of the project.

HyperX Benefits

Transfer of Funds

Through the Waves Blockchain of the platform, transfer of funds from one user to the other during transactions is fast and convenient. It is also secure as the HyperX tokens are stored on the blockchain that only the user can access.

Guaranteed Security

The HyperX marketplace has high security registration process, which minimizes the risk of dealing with fraudulent users. There is a double verification process during registration, which guarantees that the payment and shipping process will be secure.

Transactions on the marketplace are through the Waves Blockchain, which means the transactions are encrypted and cannot be accessed by other participants and information cannot be manipulated by other participants.

Seamless Experience

Through the HyperX branded wallet, users can exchange the various cryptocurrencies or fiat money without the need for involving interconnected payment processors or banking institutions. This results in a wallet that is fast, secure, and usable.

HyperX HPX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: HPX
  • Token Sale Date: Now – 07/31/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC and ETH
  • Total Supply: 56,000,000
  • Token Standard: WAVES
  • Hard Cap: 40,000,000

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