I Am A Coin

What Is I Am A Coin?

The IAMA Coin is a limited edition of 10 million virtual works of art developed by Kevin Abosch, a celebrated visual artist. On top of these, three are 100 physical artworks crated by the same artist. The contact of address of the physical pieces on the Ethereum blockchain corresponds to the aforementioned 10 million virtual works. Essentially, the virtual pieces represent regular ERC20 tokens. Token holders can distribute the artworks at their own volition, or even divide the tokens into smaller chunks before handing them out.

On a regular basis, Abosch will update the physical artworks portfolio and thus more items will be available to IAMA Coin holders. Besides their obvious intrinsic value, the virtual tokens can therefore be used as a mode of payment, in varying quantities, for particular physical artworks. Nonetheless, the artist who created the artwork reserves the permission rights for such transactions.

How I Am A Coin Blockchain Cryptocurrency Art Project Works

The IAMA project is rather peculiar, as Abosch equates human beings to a freshly minted utility token. Kevin resorted to this atypical approach because the contemporary society often ascribes value to human beings while people are invaluable. In this regard, Abosch feels that life is often undervalued by cynical individuals.

In this case, Kevin connects the physical and digital aspects of this project such that they cannot be mutually exclusive. Fundamentally, the physical artwork is valueless in the absence of IAMA Tokens. The reverse is equally true; the relationship between the two is entirely symbiotic. To make his point clear, Abosch sealed the contract with his blood, a symbol of the intrinsic value of the token.

About I Am A Coin Creator Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch is a prominent Irish artist and photographer. Over his illustrious career, Kevin has teamed up other luminaries such as Johnny Depp and Yoko Ono. Surprisingly, his most treasured artwork to date is a potato photograph. The image, known as Potato #345, was sold at an impressive €1 million to a European entrepreneur. This made it one of the most priced photos in the world’s history.

Besides the famed potato photo, Kevin has sold other prized assets in his career. Amazingly, Abosch started out as biologist obsessed with new technological trends. He landed his first artistry job at CBS Records, when the company needed a photo of a band. He made $2,500 from this contract, and has never looked back since.

Before IAMA, Abosch created Kwikdesk, a website that enables users to anonymously exchange information. The platform does not require any personal credentials, and does not keep a log of IP addresses or cookies. Furthermore, info sent over the site is automatically destroyed on the date of the sender’s choosing – usually between 1-10 days after the exchange.

I Am A Coin IAMA Token ICO Details

Currently, the IAMA coin is only available to existing members of the IAMA platform. However, plans to release the token into the general public are presently ongoing. The only prerequisite before buying the coins will be the possession of a valid Ethereum wallet. As mentioned before, IAMA coins will have a limited production, with the total supply being 10,000,000 tokens.

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