I Land Sound Music Festival Saw 1,000+ Fans Use DASH Cryptocurrency For Payments

Many people have attended the annual celebration of the I Land Sound Music Festival, which is a massive ongoing electronica concert that is hosted in Estonia. The coordinators made it possible for over 1,000 people to try out cryptocurrency for the first time with Dash. That accounts for approximately 25% of the attendees.

At the festival, the participants used NFC wristbands that were enabled for payment with food, drinks, and merchandise throughout the event. There was about 19,000 euros spent at the event, and they even covered abut a quarter of the total purchases made at the festival. Though the organizers considered making this event into a crypto music festival, the compromises that would be needed to bring in digital wallets and private keys was an overly complicated affair.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer for Dash, Fernando Gutierrez, “There was no good solution back then to do all of this in an easy and seamless way.” There were multiple opportunities for other payment processers, but it ultimately did not work out. Gutierrez said, “Some of them were interested but they doubted the capacity of Dash and crypto in general.” On solving this issue for themselves, he said, that the group decided to hire a separate developer, and then they “did some coding themselves and got to a very good solution,” which was fast and efficient.

Gutierrez said that the NFC wristbands were a common way to integrate payments with other festivals, but their crypto spin on it is “unique.” Anything that the user did not spend was credited back to them in cash or transferred to them in the form of cryptocurrency.

The organizers of the festival also had help from Dash’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization, offering POS systems. These systems were distributed amongst merchants and food trucks, while also supplying Dash merchandise beanbags, tables, promotional materials, and (of course) music.

As much as the organizers planned, there was still plenty of opportunity for it to go awry. During the first day, the bandwidth was overwhelmed with payments, which caused the POS devices not to work. However, it only took a few hours to correct the issue.

Dash has just as much at stake as the festival, using it as an opportunity to make to expand the awareness of how their tokens can be used. These efforts are being recognized in other areas, like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, who both use crypto as an opportunity to expand the availability of the financial world to the underprivileged world.

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