IADOWR Coin – Have Fun, Earn, And Create A Brighter Future For The Needy

Games are fun, and they have never been easier to access than they are today in the era of advanced technology. There are thousands of computer games that you can play from anywhere and at any time for free. However, unless you are a gambler, then you will not earn from your gaming experience – that is, if you have not yet joined the IADOWR community.

What Is IadowrCoin?

IADOWR is a new coin that is based on two platforms: they Own the Spread Fund and the digital gaming industry. Its ultimate goals are to give people a fun way of earning these tokens (as well as other tokens and even fiat currency) while having fun and helping the needy around the world.

How IadowrCoin Fantasy Sports Betting Blockchain Works

Earning the IADOWR coin is not only easy but also fun as it involves gaming, among other things. There are two ways to earn IADOWR coins. The first and most exciting way to earn these coins is by playing computer games. There is a wide range of computer games that are recognized by this platform with genres ranging from action to adventure and even mind games. Most of these games are free and easily accessible on a wide range of devices including PCs and portable gadgets. The only requirements for earning IADOWR coins via this channel are a computer and reliable internet connection.

You can also earn IADOWR coins passively by putting your computer to work. All you need to do is to connect your computer to the platform’s blockchain network and let the developers on the other side do all the work. Your computer will contribute to the platform’s development, and you will be paid for it. The amount you will receive will depend on your computer’s efficacy in developing this platform.

The IADOWR platform is a transparent platform that is open about its operations. To this end, you can monitor the goings-on on the platform and even see how much other people are earning. What’s more, your earnings are transferred directly to your wallet, after which you can transact as you wish. For instance, you can exchange your IADOWR with other people on the platform as well as on exchanges and sites that have listed the IADOWR platform. What’s more, the company promises to exchange your IADOWR coins for a wide range of fiat currencies once it is fully up.

IadowrCoin Contributes To The Needy In Society

The IADOWR is operating in conjunction with the Own the Spread (OTS) fund, the only fund that is currently backed by cryptocurrencies. This fund is designed to help the needy in society, and one of the ways it makes money is by betting in sports by leveraging AI technology. Since the IADOWR platform is also centered on gaming, it has partnered with this fund and dedicated resources such as AI technology.

To this end, 25% profits made on the IADOWR platform go towards helping the needy in society in countries all over the world. The platform also gives you a chance to join this global movement, and you get to determine how much you want to contribute to charity.

IadowrCoin IAD Token ICO Details

The IADOWR platform is planning to launch its ICO as soon as 30th April and close it by 21st May. It will offer more than one billion coins and exchange them for ETH – one ETH is equivalent to 5,000 IAD.

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