Are you looking for an investment that will really make you gain a great return on investment? There are many great investments that you can make right now, but unfortunately, there are too many bad ones, so it can be really hard to find investments that will really compensate you.

The secret to investing well is to know which companies are the best ones and the tips for investing well. Fortunately, you are already on our blog and we have many tips for you on this subject.

We also review many companies that might interest our readers. Today, we are going to review a new blockchain company called Ibiscoin.

What is Ibiscoin?

Ibiscoin is a start-up company whose objective is to provide a platform for cryptocurrency users to trade and invest. The users will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin (and possibly other currencies later) with each other.

The company even plans to launch an ATM service in the future to enable its users to transform their cryptocurrency into fiat money using ATMs. Ibiscoin wants to create accessibility for users, as cryptocurrency is more and more solidified as the financial market of the future.

Ibiscoin will also offer information about markets, so its users can safely choose in what they are going to invest to maximize their gains when investing using cryptocurrency.

How Does Ibiscoin Work?

Aside from all the features that any financial platform would have, Ibiscoin has other features. One of these features is the lending system proposed by the company. By lending money through the company, the user is able to get money from interest rates that vary from a range of factors.

Users of Ibiscoin will also have access to a card in the future. This will allow them to use cryptocurrency in their daily activities without having to trade the money first. This can be very handy for people that do not want to exchange their cryptocurrency every time that they need to use it.

The cards will also be used in ATMs to withdraw the money when you need it the most. This project will be developed during 2018, with ATMs being implemented first in Europe and then later in other countries.

Finally, the platform also intends to integrate hotel booking into the capacities of Ibiscoin. This will allow its users to use their cryptocurrency to pay for hotel accommodations, which will make Ibiscoin a very useful tool for people who travel a lot.

How to Invest in Ibiscoin?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their IIC tokens first. You will be able to buy them during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) using Ethereum (if you only have Bitcoin, Litecoin or any type of cryptocurrency like that, you will have to exchange it first).

The ICO begins on December 19 and it will go until the end of the year, ending on December 31. There are several phases and each of them has a different price per token. You can see the list:

  • Phase 1 – December 19: $0.79 USD per token;
  • Phase 2 – December 22: $0.89 USD per token;
  • Phase 3 – December 25: $0.99 USD per token;
  • Phase 4 – December 28: $1.12 USD per token;
  • Phase 5 – December 31: $1.21 USD per tokens.

The tokens will be issued via smart contracts and refunded if the ICO does not succeed.

The Ibiscoin Verdict

Is this company the right investment that you can do right now? Ibiscoin looks like a very solid company that will offer an interesting service for its users, so yes, it can be a good investment. The company does not have anything revolutionary to offer, but it does seem like it can obtain a great degree of success with time.

Fortunately, there are no red flags on the company’s website. You can see that the company really exists and that it is not a scam to invest in this company.

All of this means that Ibiscoin might not cause any revolution in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, but it will be a solid investment, so you can invest in it without being afraid that you are making the wrong choice.

If you like this company and you intend to use its services in the future or to sell its tokens, feel free to invest in Ibiscoin.

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