IBM Files Augmented Reality Blockchain System Patent To Improve Gaming Technology

IBM has filed a new patent for improving augmented reality (AR) systems. The new patent will help prevent players from entering physical spaces that are undesirable. According to the patent, they want to avoid the user to go to sensitive locations that are market by property owners.

Some of the games that use this technology are Zombie Go and Pokemon Go. However, AR technology can be used for other applications such as displaying historical views of locations.

IBM and its recently released patent want to improve the use of AR in a physical space. There are some places that AR games and implementations shouldn’t be available such a private property. It is possible to use an attack vector in which actors or other users can maliciously profile a specific location for other purposes.

The system would validate and verify any location related transaction. The blockchain system will be tracking stores, and keep the location related to the transaction and other data. Using blockchain technology it would be possible to maintain a growing list of data records that is hardened against tampering and revision.

Furthermore, the system will be including a neural network that will learn the results of interactions within several locations. After it, it would be possible to record the data in the blockchain. That means that risk prediction can occur according to rules learned by a neural network from past transactions. Running these learned rules it is possible to identify potential risks to users.

Although the patent has just been released, the product could take longer to be implemented in the market.

IBM is a strong investor in the blockchain market. It has partnered with different companies such as Maersk or The Linux Foundation.

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