In a year in which many companies are starting to develop patents for blockchain technologies, IBM just had to be one of them. The company has recently filed a patent that outlines a way for developers to catalog milestones and coding updates on the blockchain.

Entitled as “Blockchain For Program Code Credit and Programmer Contribution in a Collective”, the name of this project may not be catchy, but the patent which was filed on the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is certainly important.

What Will This New Patent Do?

The main idea of this new patent is to use the distributed ledger technology to create a secure and robust way for developers to track information about updates and milestones, including collaborative coding for purposes of credit, rewards and even dispute resolutions.

This technology will be used to track the accomplishments of different coders when they work together in big projects. This way, projects can be credited to different designers according to what they actually did.

IBM’s patent was created because the company believes that while collaboration is important, sometimes it is hard to collaborate and give to each individual the due credit for their design elements in specific situations. The blockchain technology can certainly help with that.

The company explains that the chain can be considered a chronicle of a piece of software and the code will create a path that can be tracked along its lifetime and versions with many parameters. According to IBM’s patent, as soon as the block has been calculated, it can be appended to the app and this makes the whole process easier.

It is not uncommon for IBM to try to file new patents for blockchain technology, as this one is not even the first one that the company decides to file. In April, the company has decided to seek a patent for a method to ensure that a network of devices could securely executive smart contracts based on the blockchain technology.

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